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Apr 19, 2013 09:00 AM

Great Food-Good Ambiance-Great Wine? Miami to Ft Lauderdale

Need arrange a few dinners of business friends (therefore no need to impress except with great food) next month. Have looked at Timo's (Sunny Isles), 1500, Macchialina and Scarpetta (one person really likes Italian/Med).

We are staying in Hollywood. So have also looked at Sage Oyster, Fulvio's, Hollywood Prime (Westin Hotel),

Can anyone give me a read on the best of these - or suggest others.

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  1. If you are looking for great food, skip Sage, Fulvios, and Hwd. Prime. Instead, go to Casa de Angelo in Fort Lauderdale for much better food, ambiance, and an enormous and special wine list. Its always great. Take a look at the menu online and then imagine that they always add a wide variety of specials each night. The only negative is that its a bit further from your hotel (about a 20 min drive) but worth it in my opinion.

    1. Your Miami choices are all solid. Timo's will be the closest, only a few minutes from Hollywood.