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Apr 19, 2013 08:51 AM

CSA 2013 - What's in yours and what are you doing with it?

I live in Zone 7, so our CSAs have just started. This week's is already a challenge:

pea shoots
radishes (with greens)
cucumber (hothouse)
tomato (hothouse).

The cucumber and tomato are easy.

The pea shoots had to be used up right away, so I quickly sauteed them with garlic and black pepper and peas, added them to alfredo-ish sauce, and had with pasta shells. Not bad at all. Pinching the tender leaves and tendrils off the tough stems was very tedious.

The radishes are tiny and red, and I think I can slice them for sandwiches.

Rutabagas I may use with carrots for this dal:

But that will not use all the rutabagas nor all the carrots. The weather is no longer suitable for oven roasting, so I am still thinking what to do. Any ideas?

The radish greens, kale, and spinach (from freezer) will likely make saag (may add paneer).

Has anyone else started getting CSA boxes? What is coming in them? What are you making?

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  1. OK: has no one signed up for a CSA? Is it too early for most of you?

    Does no one have ideas for rutabagas and carrots?


    1. Mine doesn't start until june!

      How about carrot ginger soup?? One of my favorites. I also love them roasted and then tossed with a ginger/butter glaze.

      I like rutabagas simply roasted. I cube and toss with olive oil. Spread on cook sheet , season with salt and pepper and roast at 425. Toss occasionally.

      They are also really good mashed with sour cream and butter and whatever herbs you like. You can throw a few cloves of garlic in to boil with 'bagas for added flavor.

      1. I'm not in the states.. so I'm not sure what CSA boxes are.

        The extra carrots can be added to stir-frys and salads, chopped into sticks as snacks. As for rutabgas, you could use them like potato in a stove top hash.

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        1. re: Musie

          CSA= Community Supported Agriculture

          You buy a "share" of a local farm or grower and you receive a box of fresh produce on a schedule (usually weekly,) that contains your share of what they are harvesting. There are also meat, dairy and fish CSA programs.

          1. re: weezieduzzit

            That sounds like a pretty cool idea, time to research and see if something similar is done in my neck of the woods.

        2. I am not currently part of a CSA. The carrots I got in my boxes last year were very fresh and juicy. So I mainly used them raw - grated carrots + roasted peanuts + chopped green chillies + cilantro + lemon juice. The natural sweetness of the carrots pairs very well with the chilli-lemon flavors.

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          1. re: gayathri

            Wow, that sounds really good. I never thought of using carrots in that way.

          2. We have year round CSA and right now this is what I have in my fridge:

            rutabagas (Usually mix with mashed potatoes, but this time I want to try pickling them)
            carrots (Kids love them- we almost never have enough)
            radish shoots (Salads/ sandwiches)
            cucumber (snacks)
            tomato (snacks)
            sun chokes (will make a soup or roast with asparagus).