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Feb 2, 2002 03:27 PM

Taqueria in Dallas

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Where is the best spot for authentic mexican tacos - de pastor, lingua, tripitas, and carbon?

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  1. There is a taqueria on Ave. K in East Plano. They do have tacos al pastor. We were the only English speaking customers when we were there. Belive the name was La Paloma. We enjoyed it, but I wouldn't drive from the galleria area to go there.

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    1. re: Plano Rose
      Taylor Condra

      Taqueriqa Lupita on Henderson Ave just east of central has awesome food. Carnitas, media pollo rostizado,etc are all fantastic and the salsa is out of this world.

      1. re: Taylor Condra
        Ean Schuessler

        I will agree that Taqueria Lupita is a formidable taqueria. However, there are some Oak Cliff establishments that should be brought to your attention. On Jefferson avenue there is Taqueria Chanos which has very good, very spicy tacos with interesting big pickled carrots. Very tasty. Also, there is the tiny Taqueria El Si Hay on Davis across the street from the original Glorias. Very good Al Pastor. Lastly, there is a pretty good place far up the other direction on Davis (past Hampton) that used to serve donuts in addition to tacos. They don't anymore, which is very unfortunate. I can't remember the name of that place but it is on the right side and painted very bright yellow.

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          Last year, I went on a taqueria spree, hitting about 40-50 different places. In my estimation, the best overall taqueria is, indeed, Taqueria Lupita. Some places do this or that better. But, on the whole, it's on the top. (If anyone knows of anyplace better, let me know.)

          1. re: Queequeg

            Try Tacos El Say Hay on Davis in Oak Cliff. Good tacos of pork, beef, or chicken and all the fixins you want for the asking. Good mexican soft drinks. Another place on Davis further west is Ceasars Tacos, authentic mexican Taqueria in the finest sense of the word.

        2. re: Taylor Condra

          I've only been there once, but I thought Lupita's was only okay. I liked Cuquita's and their gorditas better.

          I'd really like to go through Scott's favorites from his Mexican on Maple series next time I'd down:

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            Just a note - I've noticed that many of the places on Maple seem to change names (and I assume owners) quite often.

            The latest is the semi-famous "Victor's". The old red color brick outside has been repainted and the signs have changed.

        3. re: Plano Rose

          There are a few other locations of La Paloma(sp). One off central south of LBJ can't remember the exact address, another at Jupiter & Walnut.

        4. If you are willing to be a little adventurous then try out this place all El Paisano. At Harry Hines and Lombardy Ln, take a right on Lombardy and it's less than half a mile down the road. They have absolutely incredible bistec, fajita and al pastor tacos. There's a line outside at times on the weekends!! They have 3 different kinds of salsas...all of which are incredibly good!

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            I went there for lunch during the week. I knew it was going to be interesting when I pulled in and there were two police cars with several people spread eagle across their hoods. I ventured in anyhow and watched the police handcuff and take the fellows away. I order al pastor and beans. There tomatillo based hot sauce was some of the best I have ever had. I spent $5 for lunch with a really nice tip for the waitress, who did not speak much English, but with my broken Spanish and her broken English we got along perfectly.

          2. There is a meatmarket on the corner of Maple and Lucas. They have the best tacos Al Pastor; their beef fajita tacos are ok. I think they are $1.25 each. You get the grilled onions, jalapeno on the side. Make sure you ask for the green and red sauce to put on your tacos. Their orchata (sweet rice drink) is also one of the best I've tasted.

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              They moved across the meatmarket and they built their own taqueria. Its called La Paisanita. The tacos are still the best Ive had. They have added tortas to their menu as well.

            2. There are also a bunch of them on Josey in Farmers Branch. I have been eating my way through them. The last one was more of a real Mexican restaurant Plaza Del Sol. There general food is just ok, but there Tacos were pretty good. One of the few places I have been to that serves you chips and hot sauce. For $3.25 I had two Carnitas and a potato and egg and chips and hot sauce to boot. I was so stuffed I could barely walk.

              1. Fuel City,


                Texas Monthly rated their Picadillo #1, I liked the Picadillo and beef fajita tacos the best.