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Apr 19, 2013 07:46 AM

Lisa Marie from the people behind Fidel Gastro

We've talked about it so much in the openings thread, I thought it deserved its own thread. My god does this place look good!!

Here's another write-up on it from BlogTo:

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  1. The original comment has been removed
      1. I went for brunch on Sunday. I enjoyed my meal.

        I will warn people that all of the chairs (from what I recall) are actually stools or picnic benches. So, for those that prefer places with a back to rest on this is not a place to go.

        I was there around noon on Sunday and there was plenty of space. Most of the tables can hold 8 people so I am guessing they turn into communal tables when they are busy. The picnic tables are set for 4 but I saw a larger family with kids at one of them.

        I ordered the "fried hen" dish which was half a hen brined and deep fried served on a waffle with a hot sauce on the side along with a side of maple syrup. I decided to get a salad on the side instead of the other options (duck fat fried fries or pad thai fries). In general, I would suggest to avoid the pad thai fries because they are not as good as they sound (i.e. no where close to the kimchi fries from BMB, etc). I had them once from their food truck and tossed most of them (and I am not known to ever throw out food!).

        Overall it was a good meal with good service. Chicken was moist and the "crust" had a good flavour. Enjoyed the hot sauce too.

        In the back area they have a bit of a market. The market sells some pre-marinated meats, soups, various pickled and smoked items, etc.

        Last week they ran a "lunch" promo from the front of their roll up window. Was like $5 sandwiches.

        Definitely worth keeping an eye on

        It doesn't look like they have their own website though? Sorry I don't have a menu to share.

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          I quite liked the fried hen. Really flavourful, perfectly crunchy skin and super moist meat. Funnily enough, I went for the Sunday lunch at the very highly-regarded Edulis the next day, and they served something quite similar. It was rabbit, but fried with the same Southern-style technique. Totally outclassed by Lisa Marie, which was unexpected, to say the least.

          I had the duck fat home fries on the side, which were tossed with some kind of grainy mustard, and which were tasty enough but not as good as the hen. They weren't as crisp as I would have liked, but were otherwise pretty good.

        2. Oh, and I came across this blog when deciding if I should go or not for brunch... Happens to be from a CHer :

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          1. re: ylsf

            Thanks for sharing your experience ylsf and for the link to this blog. I really want to check this place out!!

          2. Went for dinner a couple times, wasn't really impressed. Found it hilarious that when I asked about portion sizes while ordering the server said it was "Kind of like 416 Snack Bar"! Prefer snack bar anyday.

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            1. re: szw

              Yeah, I heard the waiter explain to someone else that for dinner they were more "sharing plates" style... Not really my think so probably won't be rushing for dinner but the portions were decent for brunch (what I had and what I saw).

              1. re: ylsf

                ylsf, do you remember what was on the brunch menu? Because I can't find it anywhere online.

                1. re: kwass

                  AH, I posted the wrong link below.. meant to be about the Brunch.. that blog was from here:


                  Gives you some ideas but unfortunately I didn't take a shot of the menu (I forgot that they didn't have the website up).

                  My dish was $17, I think that was the most expensive brunch item.

                  They were also doing a special 4 oz burger that day. Was $12 which included a side.

                  1. re: ylsf

                    Thanks for the link ylsf. Brunch looks (and sounds) awesome!!

              2. re: szw

                Went on the weekend for dinner - really mediocre. I think this restaurant is confused.

                The plates are intended for sharing but the plating doesn't allow it easily (or at all).

                The waitress looked so bored I feared she may fall asleep - not to mention she was wearing a hoodie and didn't get our drink order until 15 minutes after we were seated.

                I found no interesting flavours here - in fact some of the dishes were too salty and greasy.

                If this was in fact a food truck (with a lower price tag) I might have had a different opinion. I just don't think it translates well. I'll spend my $100 somewhere else.

                1. re: Anita Nap

                  I really don't like the trend of "sharing plates" where you can't really "share"... Gets annoying when you are served a single item on a sharing plate and have to try to cut it up/etc.

                  1. re: ylsf

                    Went for brunch 2 weekends ago and walked out after seeing the me THAT is carny food on a plate. Most items were way over the top for me - stacked with crap on crap. It was 11ish and the place was empty.

                    1. re: justsayn

                      Bring back the Prague, I don't even have any idea what's on the menu at this place but I guarantee I'd rather have the Czech break than any of it

                      1. re: disgusti

                        This x 100000. I miss the Prague so much.

                        1. re: ramenramen

                          Unfortunately I don't think they are coming back. Do you miss the original prague or the new owner prague?

                          1. re: flonie

                            I think we all miss the original which for certain is gone for good. Nothing much to miss about the short lived new concept.