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Apr 19, 2013 07:36 AM

When did lemon in water become popular?

Growing up, I don't recall people requesting a slice of lemon in their ice water, or did my youth make me oblivious to such trivialities?

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  1. When the chlorine taste took over. It was sometime during the '90s in DC.

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    1. re: Jay F

      Ditto. I lived in Providence for decades and the water there was crisp and clean. Moved to So. Cal and my water has taken a long rdie through many towns and treatment plants, I've gotten used to the taste--mine is filtered-- but a bit of lemon or lime never hurts.

      1. re: escondido123

        Having had excellent tap water in Chicago, New York and San Francisco, I was shocked during my first visit to Los Angeles. The otherwise inexplicable bottled water craze became crystal clear.

    2. As kids we drank a lot of seltzer water with lemon, lime or both. This was in the 80s and 90s. I hated regular water with lemon until I was probably in high school or college. I use lemon in restaurants to remind me to drink slower and savor my water. I do not drink soda and have been known to drink more than eight glasses of water with a sit down meal.

      1. Dunno, but I like it. Less than a decade.

        1. In an area with nasty tasting water, a lemon slice provides a free alternative to the bottled stuff. When I was a kid, Fizzies did the trick.

          1. I recall having iced water with lemon or lime in a hotel when I was a teen and my parents continuing to use citrus in drinks at home (coke, tea, water, seltzer, cocktails) thereafter.

            I like citrus of all kinds sliced in water.