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Apr 19, 2013 05:00 AM

Does Torrisi Italian Specialties work before the Theatre?


Visiting New York next week for the first time in a few years. I have booked a 5:30 dinner on a Thursday night at Torrissi Italian Specialties - followed by theatre at 8.

Would that timing work? How quick is a meal at Torrissi? I would think that we would need to be done by 7:20 or so to comfortably make the 8 o'clock show - for the first seating, I would think that just under two hours would work - but maybe I am misjudging.

If not - other pre-theatre recs that are closer by?


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  1. Well, "close by" kind of depends on which theater your'e going to... Also, did you plan on the regular menu or the tasting menu?

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    1. re: sgordon

      We are going to see wicked - Gershwin Theater.

      Is there a regular menu? Online, it seems like it is only tasting menus - and we would be doing the 7 course, not the 20 course.

      I believe that there is a subway close by to get up to the theater fairly quickly -but I think that we would need to be departing the restaurant by 7:15.

      1. re: glickjor

        There is the prix fixe ($75) which they describe as "7 course" but IIRC you get your antipasti all at once. So to me it's really four courses of food. Antipasti, pasta, main, dessert.

        The Chef's Tasting is $160. And is 20 courses.

    2. If you're out by 7:15 you can take the N or R on Prince which will take you to the theater district. You may want to request the dessert which consists of cookies and petits fours to be packaged to take with you if you're pressed for time.

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      1. re: H Manning

        Is 1:45 enough time for this place - given that we should be among the first seated in the restaurant at 5:30?

        1. re: glickjor

          Yes just mention to your server that you need to be out by 7:15, or you could tell the restaurant of your time constraints when you confirm your reservation.

      2. Why not try Marea? It's much closer to your theater and the food is better than Torrisi.

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        1. re: MrGrumpy

          The reviews on Marea seem to be all over the place. Torrissi looks charming. Am I getting that wrong? Is there anywhere else that one would suggest that would work?

          1. re: glickjor

            Don't ask me.

            I like Esca better than both of them.

            1. re: glickjor

              For what it's worth, while I like Torrisi its reviews are also all over the place.

              I'd vote for Marea.