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Apr 19, 2013 03:18 AM

Villa Roma Harwich

My friend loves this dining spot. I visited quite awhile back and never felt an urge to return. I wanted to treat my friend to a night out as she has been going through some life challenges. She chose Villa Roma. We arrived to a packed bar area at 6 PM. The wait was 15 minutes and grew to 45 minutes quickly. Reservations for groups of 5 and more only. We grabbed a high top in the very noisy and quite lively bar (at one point over 20 people waiting for tables) . The really friendly and most helpful hostess served us water and wine after a wait. They serve olives and marinated mushrooms, hot commercially made bread and real butter in plastic tubs and a commercial cheese spread. Tom, the waiter was great and served us swiftly after another long wait. The salad greens were rather limp and dry. I had the little necks (in the shell) with al dente pasta. My friend loved her swordfish. The food is served piping hot. My friend LOVES their tiramisu. The portion was massive with store bought whipped cream. It was not overly sweet but pretty dense. My Italian friend who owns an Italian restaurant in the Caribbean makes a divine version so I feel rather spoiled.

The bill was around 65 for two for 3 wines and two dinners and a dessert. I overheard a local tell some tourists that Villa Roma is the best Italian on Cape Cod. I guess it's a matter of opinion. Go for the lively environment, the great servers and staff and decent food. I do recommend going early or later or mid week / low season unless you don't mind a wait. This is not a super kid friendly spot. There's even a sign outside explaining they do not have kid portions, pizza and do charge for split plates. They don't need the family business, this place clearly has a loyal following.

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  1. Yup, that about nails what Villa Roma is all about. I'm a fan, but I'd hardly call it the best Italian on the Cape. I can think of at least a half dozen places more worthy of that moniker. But it's good food at good value. The constant crowds are oft putting though. Good review.