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Apr 18, 2013 10:37 PM

Unexpected weekender in Taos, NM -- Recommendations??

- any can't miss non-chain restaurants? Obviously some local flavor will be the target.

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  1. Orlando's (good, homey, basic NM food. An old Taos favorite.)

    Dragonfly Cafe (kind of on the granola end of the local flavor spectrum. Service can be flakey, but food is good.)

    Aceq and Love Apple (both newer farm-to-table locavorish places. Best to check what's on that day's menu before going. Both are small, so reservations are necessary.)

    Lambert's of Taos (a long-time Taos special occasion/date night type of restaurant, taken over a few years ago by the Taos Restaurant Group. Don't know what it's like now, but seems to still get good reviews.)

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    1. re: ninrn

      Thanks, ninrn! I will try Orlandos tomorrow as it was also recommended by my innkeeper and by a cool local at Eske's...a great brewpub!

      Michaels was reco'd for breakfast and also La Cueva for NMexican....will report back. First time in Taos...a little unusual, but very interesting!

      1. re: tonymillertnt

        Hope you enjoy it. Another good place for breakfast is Gutiz. And Taos Mesa Brewing does a tour and tasting on Sundays if you'll still be there then.

        PS -- I'm not a huge fan, but many people LOVE Taos Cow Ice Cream (it's too sweet for me). Worth a try, though, if you're a fan of local ice cream parlors. I like that they're open every day from 7AM.

      2. re: ninrn

        Orlando's is great. Also consider Doc Martin's and the Adobe Bar at the Taos Inn - the Living Room of Taos.