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Apr 18, 2013 10:33 PM

Turquoise Trail recommendations anyone?

I'm off to a quick getaway to ABQ for two nights next week! So excited to have Green Chile and Sopapillas. I've planned my meals thus far: Lucia for lunch, Mary and Tito's for dinner. I need help with the 2nd day. Driving the Turquoise Trail and need recommendations for a bite, breakfast or lunch? Am going for the New Mexican cuisine, so that would be the first priority but I could be persuaded towards another cuisine is if it's really good on the Trail. When I hit Santa Fe I am heading for the Shed or Horseman's Haven as recommended by Chowhounders. So any help along the drive would be much appreciated.

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  1. In Cedar Crest (near the southern, Albuquerque end of the Turquoise Trail) there's Burger Boy (a real NM institution) where they have a great green chile cheeseburger. For breakfast/brunch, I think Greenside Cafe (a mostly NM diner-type place with pretty decent food) is probably the best bet. Further up, in Madrid, there's a place called The Hollar, serving southern American food. They have a pretty good lunch menu, but what's really great there is the pie. Even further north on Hwy 14, is a funky little NM spot called the San Marcos Cafe. Some people swear by this place and say it's great, but I've never been. I've always enjoyed the ride up the Turquoise Trail and hope you have a great trip.

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      Thank you for the rec's and the good wishes!

    2. The enchiladas are actually quite excellent at the Greenside Cafe-- chicken with green chile on top. They use excellent quality chicken. I like many of the items on their menu but will often get the enchilada b/c it is so good!

      Another very good (and new-ish restaurant) is Babaluu’s Cocina Cubana. It is up at the north end of the Turquoise Trail a little past San Marcos Cafe. Wonderful chef and wife own the place. Very nice atmosphere inside an old building. Can also sit out on the covered patio with beautiful views of the Cerillos Hills on the other side of the road. Great traditional cuban dishes but also more modern dishes w cuban influences. They always have some nice seafood dishes available as well.

      3810 Highway 14
      Santa Fe, NM 87505
      (505) 471-1100

      1. The San Marcos Cafe just South of Santa Fe is great for breakfast - totally different atmosphere than the Horseman's Haven which is a traditional busy street restaurant.

        1. Bear in mind that Mary and Tito's closes early from Mon - Thursday at 6pm. I had my eye on them too, but can't do dinner that early on the days I'll be in ABQ. What a shame!