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Apr 18, 2013 08:49 PM

Contra Dancing this Weekend (April 19-21) in Richardson/Plano Area

Need suggestions for where to eat in the upper Greenville/Richardson area-breakfast and dinner. Our location is the Sokol Athletic Center-need places a short driving distance from there.

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  1. Not sure about breakfast but a few places we enjoy for dinner that are very good are,
    Afrah (Middle Eastern). On Main Street just north of Greenville.
    First Chinese BBQ (Cantonese) At Polk and Greenveille. Warning: CASH ONLY!
    Jeng Chi In the new Chinatown Center on Greenville between Main Street and Arapaho (Taiwanese dumpling house.)
    Masami (excellent sushi)

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      Hi twinwillow-Just wanted to thank you for taking time to send me some suggestions. We did try Jeng Chi and really enjoyed the dumplings. I ordered light since we were heading to a dance afterward and was disappointed in the hot and sour soup (too bland) but my husband was happy with his order (Seasame Chicken) and the shrimp and crab steamed dumplings were fabulous. We also tried a Thai restaurant on Coit called was very good. I would highly recommend it. Creative-interesting blackboard menu and a really great ambiance.

      1. re: unobug

        You're quite welcome. You did very good. Not only with Jeng Chi but you also went to Bambu which is probably rated as the number one Thai restaurant in Dallas.

        1. re: unobug

          Let us know if you need blackboard or off menu recommendation for Bambu! I will try to post some photos of some of the dinners I have had there.

          1. re: LewisvilleHounder

            LH - Are there any off menu items that are regularly available? I remember the one time we all went and had shrimp laab and it was amazing. I've been wanting to have it again but didn't know they have off menu options (without a heads up at least).