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Reno - Wedge a Cheese Shop

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GO HERE! Even if you don't like cheese (???????), go here cause they have other great things, i.e. pates, relishes, crackers, etc.

I'm so ecstatic to have discovered them, I can barely contain myself :) Just what Reno needs to continue to round out the good food vibe that's ripening here.

They probably have at least 30 cheeses and are sampling everything. I found a cheese here that I've been looking for for two years. They'll help you put together a cheese board. I recently bought a pickled apricot with CURRY relish that a chef friend dang near swooned over :


As you can tell, I'm super enthusiastic about this place and hope they do gangbuster great business. Check 'em out please.

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  1. I just found out that they have over 100 cheeses! And are toying with the idea of a Cheese of the Month club. Sign me up :)

    1. I checked out Wedge Cheese Shop a few days ago and was very impressed. They have a large and interesting selection of cheeses-many that aren't carried by Whole Foods which I believe was the best cheesemonger in town. I don't know how the prices compare but if they're close, I would surely support our locals. They also offer an assortment of miscellaneous gourmet items and a variety of sandwiches. I tried a panini with chicken, combozola cheese, strawberry tarragon jam, olive oil, apples, and pea shoots. It was delicious.