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Apr 18, 2013 07:55 PM

Reno - Wedge a Cheese Shop

GO HERE! Even if you don't like cheese (???????), go here cause they have other great things, i.e. pates, relishes, crackers, etc.

I'm so ecstatic to have discovered them, I can barely contain myself :) Just what Reno needs to continue to round out the good food vibe that's ripening here.

They probably have at least 30 cheeses and are sampling everything. I found a cheese here that I've been looking for for two years. They'll help you put together a cheese board. I recently bought a pickled apricot with CURRY relish that a chef friend dang near swooned over :


As you can tell, I'm super enthusiastic about this place and hope they do gangbuster great business. Check 'em out please.

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  1. I just found out that they have over 100 cheeses! And are toying with the idea of a Cheese of the Month club. Sign me up :)

    1. I checked out Wedge Cheese Shop a few days ago and was very impressed. They have a large and interesting selection of cheeses-many that aren't carried by Whole Foods which I believe was the best cheesemonger in town. I don't know how the prices compare but if they're close, I would surely support our locals. They also offer an assortment of miscellaneous gourmet items and a variety of sandwiches. I tried a panini with chicken, combozola cheese, strawberry tarragon jam, olive oil, apples, and pea shoots. It was delicious.