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Apr 18, 2013 06:51 PM

How frequently will you eat the same thing - creature of habit and particular tastes or need some variety?

I had a lovely discussion with my mother tonight which is the exact same conversations we've been having since I had some opinion about what I wanted to eat. She refuses to eat the same dish not only in the same day, but usually in the same week. This also applies to food genres - tacos for lunch, means no enchiladas for dinner. I love variety and it's great to find new things, but I tend to know what I like and like particular flavor combinations so can eat the same lunch every day for a week or have different variations of a particular combination of spices and herbs and be a very happy clam. Do you tend to eat the same thing multiple days in a row, have favorite flavor combinations or are you a fan of variety at most meals?

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  1. I eat the the same thing for breakfast at least 5-6 days a week. Other than that I can't think of any other consistent behavior/food choices.


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        I thought of something....

        When dining out a place I rarely ever dine at I often choose one of the same 3 things and my husband teases me about. It’s just that their chicken liver dish, their Bolognese and the lamb "sampler" are so, so good that I don't like to risk trying something new.

        However at places I dine at on a regular basis I am more likely try something new every time I go since If don’t like I know I will be back in matter of days/weeks.

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          In our city, there are only a handful of restos the Khantessa and I frequent. And I tend to order the same dishes over and over. I know what I like and I stick to it.

    1. I'm with you. I like variety and I try to make our menus varied ("Pasta last night, think of somethng else.") but I can happily eat something I like every day (or a couple of times a day) without tiring of it. Especially if it's "flavor combinations". Today I had a chicken burrito for breakfast, frozen Mexican combo meal for lunch and when I got home my husband said, "I preheated the oven for taquitos." I was planning something else, but enjoyed the taquitos anyway. I often make a batch of something to take as lunches for the week and as a kid I couldn't handle much in the morning, so I had a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast for years on end.

      1. I have a friend like that. Variety is EVERYTHING.

        I am happier eating the same thing, or set of things, for a while. I like "perfecting" a dish by making small changes over several consecutive days. It may be kind of OC, but I live alone, so who cares?

        Right now, I'm pan frying BSCBs with different vegetable sides. I'll change every couple of nights, but I imagine I'll be sauteeing chicken breasts for another couple of nights, or maybe even weeks.

        There's variety in other meals, though. I eat soups and salads and sandwiches in no particular order or frequency.

        1. While I generally prefer variety and seek it when dining out, eating the same thing a few times in a row doesn't bother me at all.
          Sometimes I specifically make a big pot of soup, chili or tomato sauce just so I can have it a few days in a row--and that's only partly out of convenience.
          I try to make a different recipe every night if I can--I probably could have something different every night for 6 months before repeating a recipe--but time and budget sometime interfere with that.

          1. I don't mind eating something in the same ethnic family more than once in the same week or even day if it works out that way. If I made cheese enchiladas for lunch and a friend wants to go out to dinner for Mexican, that's fine (i might even order cheese enchiladas if they are good at that restaurant). Being a single household who likes to cook and has limited freezer space I am used to serial leftovers. I live in a land locked state, so when I vacation in a coastal area, it's all seafood all the time. A memorable spree during a trip to Maine included 2 lobster rolls and a whole 2lb lobster in a single day.