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How frequently will you eat the same thing - creature of habit and particular tastes or need some variety?

I had a lovely discussion with my mother tonight which is the exact same conversations we've been having since I had some opinion about what I wanted to eat. She refuses to eat the same dish not only in the same day, but usually in the same week. This also applies to food genres - tacos for lunch, means no enchiladas for dinner. I love variety and it's great to find new things, but I tend to know what I like and like particular flavor combinations so can eat the same lunch every day for a week or have different variations of a particular combination of spices and herbs and be a very happy clam. Do you tend to eat the same thing multiple days in a row, have favorite flavor combinations or are you a fan of variety at most meals?

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  1. I eat the the same thing for breakfast at least 5-6 days a week. Other than that I can't think of any other consistent behavior/food choices.


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        I thought of something....

        When dining out a place I rarely ever dine at I often choose one of the same 3 things and my husband teases me about. It’s just that their chicken liver dish, their Bolognese and the lamb "sampler" are so, so good that I don't like to risk trying something new.

        However at places I dine at on a regular basis I am more likely try something new every time I go since If don’t like I know I will be back in matter of days/weeks.

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          In our city, there are only a handful of restos the Khantessa and I frequent. And I tend to order the same dishes over and over. I know what I like and I stick to it.

    1. I'm with you. I like variety and I try to make our menus varied ("Pasta last night, think of somethng else.") but I can happily eat something I like every day (or a couple of times a day) without tiring of it. Especially if it's "flavor combinations". Today I had a chicken burrito for breakfast, frozen Mexican combo meal for lunch and when I got home my husband said, "I preheated the oven for taquitos." I was planning something else, but enjoyed the taquitos anyway. I often make a batch of something to take as lunches for the week and as a kid I couldn't handle much in the morning, so I had a grilled cheese sandwich for breakfast for years on end.

      1. I have a friend like that. Variety is EVERYTHING.

        I am happier eating the same thing, or set of things, for a while. I like "perfecting" a dish by making small changes over several consecutive days. It may be kind of OC, but I live alone, so who cares?

        Right now, I'm pan frying BSCBs with different vegetable sides. I'll change every couple of nights, but I imagine I'll be sauteeing chicken breasts for another couple of nights, or maybe even weeks.

        There's variety in other meals, though. I eat soups and salads and sandwiches in no particular order or frequency.

        1. While I generally prefer variety and seek it when dining out, eating the same thing a few times in a row doesn't bother me at all.
          Sometimes I specifically make a big pot of soup, chili or tomato sauce just so I can have it a few days in a row--and that's only partly out of convenience.
          I try to make a different recipe every night if I can--I probably could have something different every night for 6 months before repeating a recipe--but time and budget sometime interfere with that.

          1. I don't mind eating something in the same ethnic family more than once in the same week or even day if it works out that way. If I made cheese enchiladas for lunch and a friend wants to go out to dinner for Mexican, that's fine (i might even order cheese enchiladas if they are good at that restaurant). Being a single household who likes to cook and has limited freezer space I am used to serial leftovers. I live in a land locked state, so when I vacation in a coastal area, it's all seafood all the time. A memorable spree during a trip to Maine included 2 lobster rolls and a whole 2lb lobster in a single day.


            1. There are somethings I eat over and over, but not usually two days in a row. Breakfast is an exception. I can prepare eggs my usual way any day.

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                Yea, eggs are definitely a thing that I can eat the same way over and over and over! I try to mix it up with different ingredients but other than that it's a great staple

              2. Certain things I can take more than once a week, meals cooked by someone else come to mind :)

                1. In the morning I like riffs..one day toast with goat cheese & lox, need day I'll add cucumber..next day take it down to fig spread and honey, next day a soft boiled egg and a slice of ham..so on. Common di is the toast. I like to start the day with some kind of toast topped with something I have handy.

                  Rest of the day I like the unpredictable meal.

                  1. Must. Have. Variety.

                    The closest to repeats is when lunch tomorrow is a version of what we doggie-bagged tonight.

                    CAN NOT repeat breakfast on 3 consecutive days, but can repeat 3x in a week.

                    Dinner and Lunch need to come from different styles/cuisine types. Tortellini for lunch, so no Ramen for dinner. Hamburger for lunch, no pot roast for dinner.
                    Can have salad 2x in a day, but that's like repeating a Course, not a food. It won't be the SAME salad.

                    I once dated a guy from a very small family -- mom, stepdad, and the guy. Mom would make a huge run of something on Sunday afternoon, and that's what they'd have for dinners and Carried lunches until it was gone-- Usually that'd be Thurs lunch. She did that from the time he was in elem school until he graduated and moved to college. He was astounded by the foods that we discovered on the college Restaurant Row.

                    1. I can eat something I love as almost endless leftovers. Otherwise I crave variety in a big way

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                        Ditto. I make something new for dinner almost every night. I can repeat things I love though.

                      2. In general I like variety, both between lunch and dinner, or over the course of a week. I have no problem eating leftovers on the second day, though.

                        So if we're having Japanese for dinner, I probably won't have Japanese for lunch. And my husband and I alternate nights for cooking, so we check with each other what we're making that week. When I cook, I try to vary the starch content (so we don't have rice 7 days in a row) and the main dish, but am more likely to duplicate salads from night to night.

                        If I'm really into something, it shows up more frequently, but not every night.

                        1. I can eat something I love more than once a day and several days in a row. Even longer. I love what I love and if I I want to eat it every day for a week, I do so, though I often will change it up by experimenting with favors, etc. For example, I was on a tomato soup kick for a while but I would change it up by adding different herbs. Basil one day, dill another, different types of cheeses, etc.

                          My husband is not quite that weird, but he is happy to eat leftovers a couple days in a row. When I make leftovers, I change things up so it isn't an exact duplicate of the day before.

                          Oddly enough, my 12-year-old Chowpup is the one who insists on the most variety. She loves trying different things and she does not want to be bored with her food. I love her sense of adventure...her attitude about food has actually helped me be more adventurous. She was like most kids and wanted to eat the same three things over and over while a toddler, but one she started school, all that changed. She goes to a private school and the lunch ladies there are amazing....they make a wide variety of foods and present a lot of really healthy end interesting options..not the usual Sysco stuff.

                          1. My breakfasts and snacks are pretty consistent, and my lunches generally are leftovers from the night before. But my dinners I get variety. I have what I call "recipe ADD". I'll make something that's really fantastic, but I don't get around to making it again for weeks or even months because I love to try new things. I also try not to repeat "genres" within the week. So if I make an asiany dish on Monday, I try not to make something else asiany the rest of the week.

                            1. my local burger joint serves this stuff they call Yuzo Jalepeno Slaw. (made with a vinaigrette, no mayo.)

                              i've centered dinner around it for three days straight now.

                              another favorite restaurant of mine makes a spicy, gingery, steamed cod. i have that as one of my dishes every time i go to that restaurant. the last time i was there, sitting at the chef's counter, as the dish was being plated, the chef asked, "i wonder how many times over the last year i've made this dish for you?"

                              for breakfast, every day i have the same thing: a homemade iced blended mocha made with valrhona cocoa powder. i also throw a chunk of dark chocolate into the mix to give it a little texture.

                              i guess that answers your question

                              1. Lunches for me are an exercise in sameness. It's either leftovers or salad. That's it. And I don't have a problem with that.

                                Breakfast is always some sort of bran muffin (two) and a small glass of OJ. Again, no problem.

                                But supper is all about variety. We have a dinner recipe index comprised of close to 400 dishes, and we rotate through them, one by one as they come up in the rota.

                                1. Breakfast is 99% sausage and eggs, prep may vary. And side fruit will vary. Lunch is in a resto, as much variety as possible and must be different from dinner. Dinner follows a pattern: App/antipasto, protein, side, wine. And I do have a 'favorite' from each regular restaurant.