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Apr 18, 2013 06:35 PM

Kosher at Yankee Stadium

My family will be visiting New York in June and attending a Yankees game. Where is the kosher food at the stadium and what are the options? I couldn't find out the specific information on the team website and a Google search brings up information from a few years ago. Help me chowhounders!

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  1. Strikly Kosher: Located: 300 level - Section 321; 200 level - Section 229, 219; Field Level - Gate 6
    It is mostly a hot dog stand -- I think they also had knishes and pretzels.

    1. Not just hot dogs and knishes. Chicken nuggets and wraps (actually good) as well. We were just there last night.

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      1. re: DebbyT

        Yeah, the wraps are surprisingly edible.

        1. re: DebbyT

          And, actually, the hot dogs are not good.

            1. re: I_like_beans

              Had hot dogs last night. Inhaled them. No better and no worse than any other hot dog.
              Kept watching people in my section with their buckets of chicken and fries. Jealous.
              At one point during the 6th inning, a heavy duty garlic smell wafted my way. I wish we had more available.