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Apr 18, 2013 05:35 PM

Best Fried Chicken in/near the French Quarter

heading to frenchman street for music tomorrow night....feeling the need for some new orleans fried chicken.....
coops....fiorellas....or some place else??

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  1. I've been touting St. Lawrence in the Quarter pretty hard. Their fried chicken is -- to my thinking -- exceptional. I could, of course, be misguided in that ... if you try it, report back. I'm not a huge fan of Fiorellas; Coops is good but I'd never wait in line for it (or much else).

    Also at St. L.'s you can have a Pimms Cup slushie, which if you're in the mood for a slushie is perfectly drinkable.

    1. This may be out of the way but I last week when I was in town I had the lunch buffet at Li'l Dizzy's on Esplanade (near Clairborne) It featured their fried chicken - the chicken batter was light but crispy, had very good flavor, chicken was moist but not greasy at all - glad I took the "long stroll" from the Quarter (I do walk a lot during the day) Was thinking about walking further into the Treme to Dookie Chase but remembered they were not open that day.

      1. Mena's on Chartres and Bienville. Mostly locals go here, greasy spoon but reeeeeally great friend chicken, po boys, red beans and rice, muffalattas, pork chops, etc... (504) 525-0217 (I go there quite a bit:)