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Apr 18, 2013 05:32 PM

Visiting SF...staying in the Marina.

I lived in San Francisco many years ago, but don't get back often. And when I do, end up with friends in Marin and Berkeley. So....this trip....I'm also going to rent an apartment in the city for a few days and explore. I'll be alone, but am used to dining solo. Want some "hound worthy" experiences....high end and great local. Open to any cuisine....but emphasis on fresh seafood. Also a great local Italian place would be great. Help please. By the way....trip is in September.

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  1. You are spoiled for choice regarding great Italian in San Francisco. Cotogna and La Ciccia are my personal favourites as a fairly regular visitor. I've been less lucky/impressed with fresh seafood, funnily enough. Have a wonderful trip!

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      Thanks! I've heard good things about Cotogna....think it has to go on the list. I also hear that Gary Danko is within walking distance to the apartment. Comments anyone?

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        Sorry if I misinterpreted your "local Italian" as meaning in the Marina. I'd travel across town for either Cotogna or La Ciccia. If you try for dinner resos at Cotogna, make sure you get online exactly one month in advance as they go like hotcakes. Lunch is much easier but you can still reserve, unless you're willing to risk a walk in as a single diner.

        Would you consider a light and delicate sole to be seafood? We had some gorgeous, very simple petrale sole at Sotto Mare in North Beach (the sand dabs, which I also love, were overdone). No resos but you'd likely be fine as a solo walkin most nights. Sam's and Tadich Grill are also good bets for petrale or dabs and would work well for a solo diner.

        Another place I've heard does a great job of petrale is Venticello on the Chinatown side of Nob Hill, where you could do Italian and seafood -- haven't tried it yet though.

    2. First-rate Italian in that neighborhood, A16 and Capannina, both do well with seafood.

      1. Atelier Crenn is in the neighborhood. When I dined there this past November, there was a single diner finishing up her meal right next to our table. She was reading some books and appeared to be quite content. I would love to go back again, but perhaps to have the abbreviated menu rather than the full tasting. Definately "hound worthy", in my opinion.

        1. Lucca Italian deli is in the area. It falls into the great local, hound worthy category.

          Off the Grid is on Friday nights, and it's the best way to cover a lot of ground with food trucks. Best to go early when it first opens.

          1. Didn't mean to imply I wouldn't "travel for food." I have no problem with that. But I do love the idea of being able to walk to places (even if it's a good hike) whenever I can. Thanks for all the suggestions. And yes....I'm a big fan of sole.