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Apr 18, 2013 05:04 PM

Das Gasthaus

New "contemporary German" joint that looks to be opening round Danforth and Broadview.

Anyone have their finger on this proverbial pulse?

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  1. store is still under renovation but there is a liquor license application in the window. This was the Turkish 'pastry' shop that didn't even last a year.

    1. Hi Big Green Matt :-) I'm the owner of Das Gasthaus and we are hoping to be open by mid-May. My family is German and I've always wanted to share the true German food of my childhood with everyone. The menu will be changing regularly depending on season and availability but you will see classics mixed with unknown regional dishes. We are inspired by all of Germany but will be focusing on middle and northern German fare. We have 12 draft taps which are German and local craft. Wine will be German and local. The atmosphere... Bohemian, family friendly and a late night groove fest Friday and Saturday. 90% of the furniture and fixtures are reclaimed from a closed 130 year hotel.

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        If you're open by 25 May, and have a TV, I would love to be there to watch the all-German Champion's League final in an appropriate venue.

      2. From the outside, the place is really starting to take shape. I like what I see so far.

        I am eager to check this place out. I've always mourned the loss of Cafe Brussels and hopefully Das Gasthaus will be a fine replacement.

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        1. re: millygirl

          I miss Cafe Brussels, too.

          Here's the website for Das Gasthaus.

          I'm looking forward to trying out their schnitzel.

          Wishing Das Gasthaus viel Glueck. :-)

          1. re: prima

            Not to change the subject but....

            Roger from Cafe Brussels is reopening in the Beach, Queen and Waverly.

            His new place is called, wait for it, Brussels Cafe and it's slated to open next month sometime.

            I can't wait....

            1. re: millygirl

              Ever since the Brussels place on Broadview I'm afraid it has been all down hill for this group. I only went there on about 2 occasions but they were memorable. Watching recent events it seems to be a different place.

              1. re: Herne

                I'm confused Herne.

                Cafe Brussels and Das Gasthaus are 2 different owners.

                Which has gone downhill for you?

                Roger from the now closed Cafe Brussel is opening in the Beach. He's been at the Withrow Farmers Market for a few seasons now providing wonderful tarts, savoury pies, pasteries, soups, etc. Everything is wonderful and I can't wait for his restaurant to reopen.

                1. re: millygirl

                  Maybe I'm the one that's confused. I'll look into the matter this weekend.

        2. Any update on when they're opening?

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          1. re: maxwellsmart

            Was curious myself, so I gave them a call - I was told they were opening later this week. The menu is to be up in the next day or two. 12 taps with 7 german, and 5 craft (well sounded like the larger craft) taps.

            1. re: fluke17

              Calling them - what a concept! Thanks for the info.

            2. re: maxwellsmart

              Wednesday June 26:Paper is off the windows, but there is a sign on the window saying OPENING SOON - I was on the other side of the street so did not see the small print.

              1. re: MorseCat

                Walked by yesterday with intention of trying them out. Unfortunately still not open even though website says "it's finally time to get your kraut on".

                Restaurant was dark but there was someone inside, chairs and tables all set up and a sign in the window which says they are just waiting for their liquor licence.

                Hopefully they'll be up and running soon!

            3. We drove by last night and it was open. Maybe a soft opening ?? but people were dining.

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