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Apr 18, 2013 05:04 PM

Honeysuckle vodka - have you tried it?

I was reading a Garden & Gun FB post and they mentioned Cathead Distillery's Honeysuckle Vodka. I had never heard of Cathead Distillery(out of MS), let alone honeysuckle vodka, but it certainly piqued my curiosity. Anyone have any experience with it? Good or bad? Recipes?

Here is a link to their site: And here is a link I found to a blogger's review (which isn't good):

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  1. I actually had so e this weekend in New Orleans. It is only sold in about 7 states at the moment. I went to eat at Martinique Bistro and saw they had a bottle and they offered me a taste. It was very buttery and smooth. He then added a bit of orange peel which made it even nicer. They did have a drink made with it on the brunch menu but I saw it too late and had already had some bourbon and wine.
    The bartender was telling me that Cathead will soon be selling a chickory liqeur and they will also start producing gin.

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      Thanks roro1831 for the feedback. I was beginning to think the word on it hadn't reached CHers. I'll be interested to see what drinks best compliment it. I'd guess citrus, like you pointed out, would be good.

      Chickory eh? Interesting!

    2. I just made (trying to replicate) a cocktail with it last night and the results were GOOD. I agree with the review as far as drinking it straight, not the highest seeming quality and a little too sweet for my taste. HOWEVER, after trying a similar drink at Cochon's Butcher, I muddled basil, lemon mint, added the vodka, ice, and finished off with lime and some citrus soda (ginger ale, or club soda with a bit of ginger syrup) Tasted just like the garden district smells (but not perfume-y) Absolutely delicious. I suggest getting a bottle to experiment with cocktails with herbs and citrus.

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        Mmmm, I love Cochon Butcher - why'd you have to nention it. Now I am craving porchetta. ;-)

        Your cocktails sounds lovely. I need to seek it out.