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Apr 18, 2013 03:48 PM

Need New Ideas for Cold Smoked Foods!

So I have a new cold smoking rig I want to use but I don't want to smoke cheese, nuts, fish, etc. I've had all that before and was hoping to do something new and exciting.

I've seen tomatoes smoked but I don't have access to any good tomatoes right now where I am, so that is out the window.

Anything that you know of that is good to smoke would be great. I have a huge boatload of smoked alt already so don't really need to work on that at all. I'm not against smoking desserts, I would smoke anything cool that would work out well in the end. Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing back some interesting ideas hopefully. Maybe your minds are a lot more creative than mine are today!

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  1. I've been doing scallops with my smoke gun but that would fall under seafood. Recall seeing something about smoked lettuce a while back for burgers.

    1. I smoke all kinds of peppers. I keep a jar of smoked jalapeno and birds eye chili's in the freezer.

      Eggplant is really good smoked too.

      I also smoke pinto beans. Really tasty.

      1. You should try cold smoking hard boiled eggs.

        It takes about an hour and a half in the smoker, and the eggs must be peeled before you smoke them.

        1. my brother smokes cheese-stuffed jalapenos and olive oil -delicious!

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            Olive Oil!! That's a winner and I can use it for a long time just like I can my smoked salt. That's great and exactly the kind of idea I was looking for. And thank you for the ideas on the other stuff. I grill my scallops usually so I get a good bit of smokey flavor from that.

            The smoked peppers sound great too but I would have to buy those and they aren't looking that great these days in the markets.

            What would be the best way to smoke mayo or ketchup? Just uncovered? I know that mayo turns a yellowish cover with a skin if left uncovered so I am not sure. Maybe cover it in cheese cloth in the bowl? That would probably get the smoke deposited on it instead. Probably just need to stick to liquid smoke for mayo recipes and such. May try smoking some peppercorns too and some cinnamon sticks. Just wondering how long them will hold on to the smoke flavor in the real world.

          2. Cold smoked garlic sounds interesting. Also, though summer tomatoes aren't for a while, cherry toms are often tasty enough year-round to have a go.

            I got some huge radishes from my CSA this week that I'd imagine would blend well with smoke. Also, shallots/onions.