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Apr 18, 2013 03:29 PM

Two Toronto Trips' Top Ten Tastes

How's that for alliteration?

Lots of great eating in Toronto over a few days this month and last. This is an amalgamation of posts, with a few additions, to consolidate my top ten favorite tastes. Tough to do. But, fun.

1) Parsley Root Soup at The Grove. The clear standout among lots of great food and drink. They say taste has the weakest memory of the senses. This is one of those exceptions that proves the rule. Etched in my memory.

2) Maya shot at Soma. Lived up to the hype. All meals should be required to end with a Maya shot.

3) Smoked Sweetbreads at The Black Hoof. Perfectly fried, served with house-made hot sauce, and paired with a slightly off-dry Riesling. Outstanding.

4) Charcuterie Plate at Richmond Station. This had me wondering if I've ever had a better charcuterie plate in my life. Still can't think of one. The standouts were the country terrine and the chicken mortadella, which was genius. Mortadella spices are a perfect pair with poultry, I learned.

5) Dan Dan Mein at Momofuku Noodle Bar. Extremely tasty and satisfying. Umami, umami, umami.

6) Porchetta Sandwich at Porchetta & Co. So good. Even without the crackling this would be a good sandwich. With the crackling, it is epic. Admittedly, as a child of Brtis, the aroma and taste brought me back to the roast pork and crackling of my youth. But, even without the seasoning of nostalgia, I suspect I would have found this to be magnificent.

7) "Pork and Fennel" dumplings at Dumpling House. I was surprised to see pork and fennel as on the menu, so had to order it. How rare. I am quite sure, though, that these are in fact pork and dill dumplings, which are less rare in urban Chinatown restaurants. Nonetheless, they were outstanding. I could eat these for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I had mine steamed, at the suggestion of the server. Fried looked great, too.

8) Lamb Shumai at Mother's Dumplings. Also outstanding. Nearly as good as the pork dumplings above.

9) Sobrassada and honey crostini at Bar Isabel. House-made forcemeat and honey and toast. Brilliant.

10) Cocktails: Salem at Splendido, Coverdale at The Harbord Room, a Woman Scorned at Bar Isabel, and Toronto Cocktail at Chanticler.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed yourself. We here in Toronto tend to feel we suck at everything. At least, that's the prevailing wind.
    Beating outselves up is a real past time 'round these parts.


    1. Yes, for some reason dumpling places in Toronto refer to dill as fennel. Not sure why this is done, but it's common in Toronto. So, yes, you're right, it was indeed dill. Very yummy!

      So happy you ate well!