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Apr 18, 2013 02:25 PM

Survery: Do you like Mayonnaise?

Obviously, a lot of people hate mayonnaise, and a lot of people love it. There is even a "I hate mayo fan club" thread. There are American mayo, Japanese mayo...etc. There are also many uses for mayo.

Mayo pizza:

So here is a simple question. When I say "Mayo", your very first reaction is:

A) Tasty! (you like mayo).
B) What? (you don't care).
C) Disgusting! (you dislike mayo).
D) But.... (you are conflicted. A love/hate relationship for whatever reasons).

Thanks for your participation.

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    1. A - It's better when I make it, but the jars work lotsa time for lotsa stuff too. How can any 'hound hate a coupla fats mixed into a love spread?