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Apr 18, 2013 01:57 PM

Private Party near Yorktown Heights/Tarrytown

My parents are holding a rehearsal dinner for my brother in September and they're looking for a place to hold it, preferably in between Yorktown Heights and Tarrytown. Something casual and not overly expensive with a private room is preferred. They're expecting around 40 people. We really don't know the area so any help would be appreciated. Thanks so much for any guidance.

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  1. In Yorktown, I know of Little Sorrento on Rt 202, it has a private room and should hold 40....... In Briarcliff (between Yorktown & Tarrytown) Terra Rustica.....,
    Tuscan Grill......http://www.thetuscangrilleofbriarclif...
    The Briars......, I think All have private rooms. In Tarrytown, they could probably set something up for you at Sunset Cove, maybe even outside....., it's a nice atmosphere there but they are not really known for their food. I know I am probably missing some obvious ones, I'll post again if I think of more. Good luck.

    1. Haven in Pleasantville, but it may depend on the night you want to do the rehearsal... 40 seats might require they close the restaurant. But good, varied food.

      1. Iron Horse Grill in Pleasantville also does private parties. We had my daughters Christening there

        1. Peter Pratt's Inn in Yorktown Heights is nice and the food is excellent.

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            Thanks everyone for all of the suggestions!