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State Bird Provisions--wow! wow! [San Francisco]

rbon Apr 18, 2013 01:15 PM

went to state bird last nite with my wife and got the last "seat" at the counter--which was in fact a standing assignment--i.e. no seat. You would think that this might constitute the beginning of an unpleasant evening. Au contraire mon frere. My wife and I agreed that this was one of most fun meals we had had in a long while. First off--standing at the counter was fun--the kitchen was 2 ft from our noses and we got to interact as much as we wanted to (a lot) with the chefs as they prepared our (and others') meals. That would have been enough but there was more, Second, every person at the restaurant from the person who seated us to the sous chefs to Stuart (the owner/chef himself) was welcoming and very knowledgeable, not to mention warm and very friendly. Third--the method of ordering and food presentation was so different and so much fun, The choices are circulated as they are prepared and you chose them (or not) a la deim sum. The prices are clearly marked. Finally, the restaurant met the sine qua non of all memorable restaurants--the food was (without fail) delicious and beautiful to behold. If you have read this far, I am hoping I can impose upon you for a favor---We are going to Manhattan in a few weeks.Can anyone recommend a couple of restaurants in NY that approach the gestalt of State Bird Provisions? Holes in the wall are OK. Many thanks