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Apr 18, 2013 01:02 PM

Bin 152: OK to have our kid in tow?

Planning a visit this summer and just read about Bin 152. Love cheese. Love wine. So I'm already halfway there. I realize, though, that there are adult places and family places. Sometimes the lines blur. Is this one of those sometime kind of places? In other words: Could we take our son without feeling like we've committed a crime?

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  1. I'm thinking you'll get better answers if you tell everyone where Bin 152 is located and the age of your child?

    1. Are you thinking of Bin 54 in Chapel Hill? We've been taking our daughter since she was about 2 months old. Now that she's almost 7 (on Saturday!) I sometimes take her and sit at the bar and enjoy the happy hour special prices. And no one bats an eyelid. As long as your child is well behaved (tell him this is a special event and that you just know he'll make you proud) I think it will be more than fine. Good luck!

      1. I think it might be the one in Charleston. It might be ok, and certainly no one will treat you like a criminal but it might be boring for a kid.

        1. Sorry about the lack of details. Ever have one of those really long days? Anyway, i'm talking about bin 152 in charleston and my son is 7, a good kid who loves food.

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            Sorry, I was making a leap of faith there. If you take your son someplace fancy, just make sure he has plenty to keep him occupied - your conversation, some crayons and a coloring book, etc.

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              Bin 152 is small, and doesn't have a lot of food. If I was a 7 year old in there, I'd be looking for a way to escape. Did you look at Goat. Sheep. Cow?

              1. re: Sue in Mt P

                Yea, I'd say Bin 152 in Charleston is most definitely not kid friendly.

                Sue has a great suggestion - go to goat.sheep.cow which is just a couple of blocks up from Bin 152 at 106 King St. They have an amazing selection of cheeses, charcuterie and wines and the folks that run the joint are awesome! They have great breads, crackers and all you'll need and then you can trek over to the Waterfront Park and let your 7 yr swing on the deck swings or tromp around in the water fountain play area or just watch the boats cruise by fort sumter.



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                  Any other little gems you'd like to share? Goat.Sheep.Cow wasn't on my radar but will check it out now. We'll only be in Charleston a day and a half on our way to Tybee. I'm trying my best to maximize our food time there without making any missteps. Needless to say, it's causing a lot of angst. :)

                  Have dinner plans at Cru Cafe and lunch plans at Husk.

                  Will be arriving in town, though, around dinner time on a Thursday. Want something casual (ie. not a chain) near the French Quarter where the two of us can relax with a drink and our son can enjoy the atmosphere, too. Was thinking Manzo Pizza, but if you have other suggestions. Please share.

                  LIke I said, I'm really trying to make the most of our time in the city.

                  1. re: jme90

                    The HD is lacking national chains, however there are some touristy places that have people hawking you to come in. I recommend you skip those.

                    So you want pizza? Monza is fine. Closed for Business is a casual place with a menu your son might enjoy. They have a huge beer selection. The rooftop at Vendue has ok apps and is a nice place for a cocktail. Ditto Stars on Upper King. The patio at 82 Queen is pleasant as is the porch at Husk. As mentioned in a recent post, the bar at Husk is really neat.

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                      Goat.sheep.cow is a must - for me anyway. I love the place and the people that own it. Don't even get me started on the cheeses and cured meats. <swoon>

                      Cru Cafe is another favorite spot and is well-loved on the boards by many. Good choice. As for Manzo Pizza, I've not been and don't know anything about it - sorry.

                      Hominy Grill is a kid-friendly place. It's a bit touristy but I still like it. They have good shrimp n' grits, she-crab soup and folks love the tomato pudding. They have a quality beer selection and some tasty cocktails, and the patio is very pretty.

                      We've taken our 2 kids to Pearlz and Amen St. Fish & Raw Bar and have enjoyed both. Both spots are casual and have good eats - nothing that will blow your mind but a good, well-rounded experience. Pearlz is a little more lively then Amen St. Our family likes the rooftop bar @ The Vendue Inn too which is across the street from Pearlz. The food is unimpressive, but they have decent cocktails and my family enjoys the windy way with which you have to get up there and the nice view. Go for a drink and then head to dinner. I know you're time is limited but I also love Butcher & Bee although I believe it's BYOB.

                      We usually hit up Paolo's for gelato. Its a tiny place and a nice walk to get there.

                      There is a super cool candy and toy shop on King St. called Robot Candy. They have a lot of neat vintage toys and candies.

                      Options abound! Enjoy your visit. :)

                      1. re: lynnlato

                        Thanks, Lynn, and everyone else. Alll of this has been very helpful.

                        If you're ever in or around Harrisburg, Pa., I'd love to return the favor.

                        1. re: jme90

                          I'm originally from that area - HA! Paddle up the Susquehanna to Williamsport and check out DiSalvo's - fabulous modern Italian w/ the freshest ingredients. ;-)

                          1. re: lynnlato

                            You definitely traded up. :) Love it here -- it's home -- but have a feeling I'm going to love Charleston more.