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Apr 18, 2013 12:43 PM

Fresh Strawberry Juice?

I need 16 cups of fresh strawberry juice. Any idea how many strawberries it will take for this?

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  1. You mean juice that's completely made of strawberries? Or with water? Juiced or blended?

    In any case, my answer is a lot.

    Are you worried about oxidation at all?

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    1. re: youareabunny

      It's going into strawberry margaritas so I think just straight strawberry juice. We plan on blending them and then straining the seeds.

      I'm wondering if there is something store bought that can be substituted, although you can't beat fresh strawberries.

      1. re: Im4Wine

        There is frozen strawberry margarita mix in the frozen juice concentrate area of supermarkets.

    2. What are you making? If the recipe involves sugar you might be able to puree and dilute seedless strawberry jam or jelly.

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          As I was reading the original post, the following popped up on the right of the screen...

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            Thanks! We are making 3 gallons, so the frozen strawberry idea may be the way to go!

        2. re: greygarious

          Actually, this is a really good idea - I think strawberry preserves, blended and strained and then cut with some water and lemon juice to balance the sweetness, would make a great base for strawberry margaritas. I'd save the fresh ones for a garnish.

        3. Jumex makes a strawberry nectar that is sold in 12-oz cans in Hispanic markets. Mine charges 2 cans for a dollar but I see that you can order it online.

          1. I assume you're following a strict recipe.
            I'd suggest practicing a bit beforehand; you may not need a full 16 cups of juice. You may also find it difficult to strain as the pulp would make up quite a bit of the bulk...
            Maybe just blend and mix with water and add sweetener as required. You could play around with the consistency (more/less berry/water)
            As Querencia mentions, Jumex has a canned strawberry nectar - play around with that as well, maybe a mix of fresh and canned?

            If you're gonna pick up a can of jumex, ya might wanna get a coupla flavors...I'm thinking strawberry/banana margaritas or strawberry/pinapple or strawberry/pineapple/coconut
            well, you get the idear.