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Must-Try Chocolates at Soma?

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My trip to Toronto ends today, and I'd like to take home some chocolates for Dagny. What are the best chocolates at Soma?

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  1. All of them (seriously). They have such a wide array of taste and flavours that it's hard to say what you'd prefer, as everyone's palate is different. My personal favourite is the salted caramel, but I wouldn't turn any of them down. They're all great.

    1. If they have any of their twigs left, those are worth trying. I also like their soma tube for gifting or to bring as dessert.

      They also have these chocolate covered candied pecans in little bags that are delicious.

      Oh. And I enjoy their day of the dead cookies. I'm likely mangling that name, but they're white powdered almond cookies.

      1. The feuillitine (sp?) is great and so is the 60% milk chocolate bars, a definite step up from most milk chocolate!

        1. When I buy a selection, I usually buy the Mayan dome, caramel kiss, Meyer lemon & ginger, cherry bomb, espresso crunch, feuilletine, bergamot and salt caramel. Their dark English toffee (sold in a bigger piece, in a cello pack) is also very good.

          Here's their product list: http://www.somachocolate.com/pdf_file...

          1. I love their Green Tangerine - doesn't really taste like tangerines, but it just tastes fresh and awesome.