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Apr 18, 2013 08:14 AM

Cold Roast Chicken as Main?

I have a few out of town family members coming over Sunday afternoon. My weekend is a bit packed with prior commitments, including one Sunday morning, so I want to serve a make ahead meal. Somehow I got it into my head that I could roast a chicken on Saturday and serve it cold on Sunday. I know I absolutely love cold roast chicken, but I'm now questioning. Does anyone ever serve cold roast chicken other than as part of a chicken salad? Does it sound appealing?

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  1. I love cold roast chicken too! Maybe for your family, you could make a cold chicken sandwich bar with all the fixings? Choices of sandwich bread or wraps, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumber, etc and condiments. Kind of like a fun, do-it-yourself picnic.

    1. When I think "cold roast chicken", the first thought is of upgrading to a galantine.

      Few more steps involved but not as difficult as it seems.

      1. I second the sandwich bar suggestion. Would, of course, carve up the chicken in advance.

        Alternately, you could do something like a lasagna in advance and heat it up.

        1. i like it. and i'll have it for dinner tonight. DH will heat his up.

          1. A platter of cold roast chicken, good rolls, sliced tomatoes, and a mixed green salad is a summer time staple for us. Serve a hearty mustard, mayo and even a fruit jelly on the side if someone want to use the rolls to make a sandwich. I often will have sliced cheese as well.