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Apr 17, 2013 10:32 PM

In Desperate Need of a Recommendation for Group Dinner!

I'm part of a small group, 10 - 12 of us, that meets at a friend's home every few weeks. We always start the evening with a simple dinner that one of us is responsible for. We're all pretty busy, so often it's Pollo Loco or similar.

Tomorrow it's my turn, I do have a busy day with a job interview, and need something simple and not too expensive (see: job interview), maye $50 - 70. I'd like to have something different - no franchise - but not too pricey. I was thinking kabobs or another ethnic food. Something I can pick up in the miracle mile, le brea, olympic area.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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    1. In a pinch, California Chicken Cafe @ 6805 Melrose. You could get 7 or 8 wraps and ask them to cut them in thirds instead of halves. Plus a couple sides of asian slaw or salads or soup. You could also get 3 whole chickens and six big sides.

      1. Some sandwiches and side salads from Mendocino Farms.

        1. Westwood area, if OK with you geographically, may yield 2 hits:

          Shaherzad - get some family style orders of lubia polo with barg (their great bread comes free when you order)

          Fundamental LA - sandwiches

          1. Greek - Papa Cristos

            Med - Surprise the Family Kabab plater is really good and good deal.