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Guilty Pleasures

I have a fairly sophisticated palate. I know good food and consider myself an accomplished cook. Most of the time I prepare quality meals for myself but occasionally something slips and I crave something . . . different. From time to time that craving is for instant mashed potatoes with corn mixed in. Gobs of butter (okay- Smart Balance). I can't explain it. Do you have a weird guilty pleasure? Tell all!

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  1. I love, love, love instant mashed potatoes with gobs of melted cheese. I also like whipped butter on saltines, toasting marshmallows on the stove top, Magic Shell and those cheap maraschino cherries. Canned whipped cream Fruity Pebbles cereal and, someties, I mix jello powder with hot water and drink it instead of tea. And, oh yeah, sometimes I but the ends off of a Red Vine and use it as a straw.

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      I'm swooning over your list! Indulged in every single one of them! :)

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        These threads are great, although I agree...no guilt to be had!

      2. Nacho Doritos. Long list of chemicals, but sometimes I just have to have them.

        1. Potato chips with malt vinegar and mayo. Peanut butter mixed with Redi Whip, honey, and a drizzle of chocolate syrup.

          I still do feel guilty about these now that I'm not postpartum anymore!!

          1. Spam and Vienna sausages. Not at the same meal.

            1. canned niblets corn, drained and cooked to death in lots of butter and salt. It was a childhood snack, as was instant mashed potatoes but can't stand them now vs. real mashed.

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                Ditto on the canned corn with WAY too much butter and salt...

              2. fun pops. Just frozen super sweet flavored water but when i want one nothing else will do. Grilled peanutbutter and cheese sandwiches. American cheese. Its crap I know but i love it. The dreaded Miracle Whip. Ready whip out of the can when no one is looking. Dry sugary cereal. Betty Crocker scalloped potatoes. I know there are dozens more

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                  I LOVE rice crispy marshmallow treats.

                2. Fish sticks and frozen french fries. It was an every-other-week sort of a meal when I was a kid, and we now have it far too often for our waistlines...especially whenyou factor in all the tartar sauce!

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                    Frozen crinkle cut fries with a bowl of ketchup and a bottle of malt vinegar...give me the whole bag!

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                        I am a steak fry girl myself. Not that i turn up my nose to a crinkle cut. And +1 on the loads of ketchup and malt vinegar.

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                          The only reason I order Chinese food much of the time is the piping hot crinkle fries. I am quite the animal when the order arrives and I dig feverishly for my fries (although they now bag them separately at my request with holes in the lid) to pop open the lid and inhale them before they get cool and then I look at the Chinese food and am like hmm...I guess that's for tomorrow :) I'm not really a carb girl, but potatoes are the one carb I can go ga-ga over.

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                            Sarasota hasn't caught on to the french fries at the Chinese restaurant. I would order fries and Chinese. I bet they would be good dipped in egg Fu young gravy or sweet and sour sauce.

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                              You get Chinese food with crinkle fries??? I've never seen that anywhere!

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                                There have been a few discussions of this in past threads about the wonderfulness of the Chinese food fries often found on the side of the standard takeout restaurant menu with the "American food." I don't know why I ever ordered them, I guess I wanted fries but no order is now complete without them.



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                                Yes, I was taken by that also..fries with Chinese? Never seen that in the midwest.

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                                  My neighborhood Chinese American restaurant makes so-so Chinese food but the best takeout fried chicken dinner I can buy around here. It comes with French fries and a huge blueberry muffin.. I am addicted to these muffins - they are almost like a biscuit; not too sweet and loaded with fresh blueberries. So an order of this plus one of pork fried rice is a very nonguilty pleasure!