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Apr 17, 2013 08:25 PM

Need Restaurant between Southern Westchester & Stamford - pls help

Meeting friends with kids that live in Stamford (we live in Southern Westchester). Looking for a kid friendly restaurant anywhere in between. Kids are well behaved & will eat anything. Could be Mexican, Asian, Italian, etc. Hoping to find something with a fun vibe for a Saturday nite out. Price is open, but entrees' under $30.00 is fine (we're not looking for formal dining).

(The only place I don't think we'd go is DinosaurBBQ. We have a few vegetarians in our group, and their menu is limited. )

All fun ideas welcome !!!

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  1. By outward appearances City Limits looks like a Diner. But that's a fakeout. Run by the same family behind Manhattan standouts like Oceana and Molyvos, the "dineer" is actually a fine family friendly restaurant that includes cutting edge dining with standard items, many with an intriguing twist.
    Off Exit 6 on 95. Also one in White Plains.

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      City Limits is a great suggestion. I've been to the one in White Plains. Didn't realize there was one in Stamford.

      Thanks so much for the suggestion!!! : )

      I'll let you know where we end up.

    2. I recommend Boxcar Cantina (Greenwich), its high quality Mexican, the vibe is fun yet still very kid friendly, lots of families earlier in the evenings there. Its one of my favorite restaurants and prices are reasonable.
      Other casual favorites in Greenwich:
      Thai Basil: fairly basic thai food, but tasty and quick
      Meli Melo: French crepe place, more of a cafe setting but they are open late and I'm sure the kids would love the desserts.

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        Thanks for the great ideas. I will check out their menus. Mexican might be a good option for us.

        Thanks so much!!

      2. In a similar situation, a multi-generational dinner with a bunch of kids, we chose Copacabana in Port Chester. It is a Brazilian churrascaria with a large salad bar, so there is a fair amount of activity and a reason for kids to get up and down. Food is certainly plentiful, the meat is well prepared, and it is a festive environment.

        Two caveats - 1. Although my vegetarian mother enjoyed her visit by sticking to the salad bar, it could be horrifying to your vegetarian friends, and 2. really little kids + sword carrying waiters isn't a great combination.

        The City Limits and Boxcar suggestions are good ones too.

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          Thanks the idea in Port Chester. We actually like going out in Port Chester so I will add the name to our "must try" list. I don't think it'll work with this family, but I'd like to try it on another occasion. It sounds like a lot of fun.

          Thanks so much!!!!