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Apr 17, 2013 07:47 PM

Private dining space for 15 in the valley

I am in search of a space to host our daughters 21st birthday party in June. We would really like a private room that seats 15-20 max. If anyone has a great idea, please share

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  1. Spark's Woodfire Grill has a lovely upstairs dining room which can be reserved. We celebrated our daughter's high school graduation there (she turned 21 earlier this month). The food isn't tremendous, but the ambience is. Its the right size for your party.

    1. Valley Inn has some private dining options.

      1. Ca del Sol has a great private patio....and a nice private room. Food is good. Staff is lovely.

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          Best choice of the three.
          No close second.

        2. Monty's in Woodland Hills has great private dining and some old school good food.