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Apr 17, 2013 07:40 PM

dress code at Craigie's on?

I am visiting for a research trip from NY and have a Sunday night reservation at Craigie's What's the code? I'd love to travel light and comfortable to Boston -- which for me means nice sneakers, nice jeans, and a dress shirt. Would that work for them? I can go a bit less casual (for example, dress shoes instead of sneakers, slacks instead of jeans, etc.) but just need to know if that's necessary since that changes how I and what I pack..

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  1. Boston has few restaurants with a strict dress code, and Craigie isn't one of them. Nice jeans, sneakers, and a dress shirt will be fine. Enjoy your meal, if you're not doing the tasting, be sure to get the Crispy Fried Pig Tails!

    1. Diners in Boston generally dress like slobs. You won't feel out in place in your suggested outfit. I'd personally bring and wear shoes other than sneakers.

        1. Shirts and shoes. Pants optional!

          1. All joking aside, no good restaurant in Boston is serious about a dress code. Locke-Ober, the city's last jackets-required-for-men place, dropped the rule a couple of years ago, and closed last year.

            L'Espalier long insisted on jackets for men, but when it moved a couple of blocks to a new home in the Mandarin Oriental, the hotel made them drop the dress code so as not to inconvenience its guests. It's one of the nicest, most expensive restaurants in Boston, yet you routinely will see people dining there in jeans and t-shirts, hoodies, or track suits.

            A few nightclub-flavored places (like Gem and Empire) try to encourage young men not to dress like utter shlubs -- sample language: "We encourage trendy, upscale dress: no athletic wear, tank tops, flip-flops or hats" -- but enforcement is absurdly variable.

            Boston is just not a well-dressed city in general, and no business can afford to turn customers away in the interest of cultivating tony atmosphere. I'd say the Cambridge side of the river is even less interested in dressing up for dinner. If you're not exposing your armpit hair or ungroomed toes, and you lose the backwards baseball cap, you'll pass muster.