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Apr 17, 2013 07:03 PM

Berlin -- ICC and Kurfurstendamm

Coming to berlin next week for a conference at the ICC -- internationales conference centrum (underground stop Messe Nord/ICC) and staying in Near the KaDeWe near Kurfurstendamm (closest underground stop is Wittenbergplatz).

I'm looking for suggestions of decent eats for lunch near the conference center (if that exists) and good eats near my B&B for dinner (or between conference centre and accomodations). Price isn't really an issue and I love all kinds of food. Really looking for interesting, tastey food -- not chains nor touristy spots but don't need 5 star or michelin credentials either. Walking or short train/bus rides ok.

I've done some research for restaurants -- most of the recommendations that have piqued my interest don't seem to be in either of these 2 areas (though plan to tackle some after the conference ends and vacation starts). I.e. Katz Orange, Les Valseuses and lokal and maybe some of the coffee shops listed here

Any local insights would be appreciated!

Thanks! Can't wait to taste Berlin!

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  1. There's the Funkturm restaurant which is likely your closest bet for lunch while at the conference.

    Renger-Patzsch is fairly close to Wittenbergplatz (with the subway, at least), as is Berkis (great Greek food).

    If you have the chance, you should check out Rogacki for lunch some time, soon.

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      thanks. Will check those out.

      Rogacki is on the list already...