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Apr 17, 2013 07:01 PM

El Rincon Zacatecano Taqueria in Manchester, NH

I had lunch here today and was really impressed. The food was really fresh and tasty.

I had noticed this restaurant in the past, but never stopped by to try it out. I went there today with some folks at work and the food was outstanding. It was fresh and authentic. Service was good and friendly. The chef came out to greet us - she was wearing a breathing mask and a hair net because she was mixing up a batch of chile sauce (very spicy).

I had the pork Burrito and it was very good. I plan on going back and trying some of the other dishes, which also looked very good.

I would like to try the gorditos and some of the other dishes. Everything looked great.

If you are in Manchester, definitely check this place out. It really is a hidden jewel in the Queen City!

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  1. I love El Rincon. I discovered it last year, and it's one of my favorite places in Manchester. I did a writeup: