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Apr 17, 2013 06:48 PM

Recos for bachelorette - Adelaide and Spadina area

I'm organizing a bachelorette and need a resto for about 10 ladies with the following restrictions: gluten-free/vegetarian (a couple people in the group) and peanut allergy. We're going out for cocktails first and then want to have dinner. Currently looking into Sultan's Tent and Hey Lucy but I'm not familiar with that area so looking forward to suggestions! Thanks in advance

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    1. re: c_snapper

      It is a full vegetarian/vegan menu so unless everyone will be ok with veg options it might not fit the bill. I went twice with a vegan friend when it was Fressen and it was terrible so I'm not sure the makeover is going to help much with the food given it is the same owner.

    2. Luma might work for you. They have a full menu online. I would avoid Hey Lucy or the Sultan's tent if you're at all really food people. Neither will leave good impressions IMO.

      1. Avoid the Sultan's Tent. Tourist trap.

          1. re: prima

            I was thinking Le Select Prima but the veg options seem limited and i know for sure they use peanut oil.

            1. re: JennaBean

              I know they use peanut oil for frying their frites, but I'd think it would be quite possible to avoid peanut oil in non-fried food at LS? I didn't think they used peanut oil outside the frites. Might be worth checking with the kitchen.

              I agree, the veg options are limited at Le Select, as they are at most other restaurants, but there are a few veg mains (currently asparagus risotto and a mushroom with polenta, which might work for gluten-free) , as well as quite a few salads at Le Select.

          2. Thanks for the suggestions and comments! Grassland is closed on Tuesdays, which is the evening we're doing the bachelorette, so I rule it out. The bride is gf/vegetarian so it is a must that she have good options. Le Select I am ruling out because of the risk of peanut contamination (I don't want to endanger the maid of honor's life!). I will check Luma and see if they have options that meet our requirements. I must say I find a lot of pales in that area are for die-hard carnivores (which is great but not what we need this time around).