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Apr 17, 2013 05:52 PM

De Buyer Mineral B pan--shiny handle

I have been enjoying my de Buyer blue steel crepe pan and decided to get a small Mineral B fry pan. I'll probably be removing the beeswax with the potato peel method and then seasoning it with flaxseed oil sometime in the next few weeks. Anyway, the handle looks like it's a shiny transparent film. Is that what it should look like? Do I have to do anything to it when I season the interior? And while I'm at it, do I need to remove anything from the OUTSIDE of the pan? Thanks!

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  1. Sounds normal to me. My country pan came that way too. I washed it good and added a thin film of peanut oil. When I heated it up, I noticed a thin little pool in the bottom which I suspect was wax. The first coat didn't season evenly but, when I get a chance, one or two more coats and it will be good to go.

    1. I'm not sure what the shiny stuff on the handle is, but you don't do anything to it.

      1. As GH said, you should do much of anything to your handle.

        To your question, the handle has a layer of plastic/lacquer coating on it. This has been discussed in past posts. I hope they will be helpful for you:

        From Petek:

        "If you want a de Buyer pan without any coating on the handle,go for the carbonne plus.
        It goes from stove top to oven(450 deg +) no problem at all.
        I think the Mineral and mineral b have some sort of plastic/silicone coating on the handle,and from what I've read on these boards,they are totally oven safe with only some slight discolouration on the handles."

        "I had the same concerns regarding the debuyer mineral pans,which have a silicone(?) coating on the handle.Although I was assured by many Chowhounders that this would not be a problem,I opted for their carbone plus line instead.
        I use it for searing and roasting from stove top to oven with no problems what so ever( and they're cheaper too) :D.
        I highly recommend the carbone plus line,best pans I've ever used...
        I still use non stick for eggs and SS for acidic sauces(tomato,wine based etc)"

        From Dave5440

        "Be that as it may, it still makes no sence(to me at least) and you will be hard pressed to find a high quality pan with an uncoated handle, why? How many people would pay 75$ + for a pan that the handle rusted in the first 2 weeks, which would be the case with an uncoated carbon steel handle. Do you hate paint too, what about ceramic coated or anodized(which really isn't a coating but considered one) but I just can't for any reason grasp your personal preference."

        "I just looked at my mineral pan, and the coating appears to be a laquer of some sort(I scraped a bit off) but it extends all the way to the pan base. This area has only slighty discoloured after being used at high heat for extended amounts of time, I wouldn't hesitate to leave it in the oven at 500 for 30 min."

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          <"If you want a de Buyer pan without any coating on the handle,go for the carbonne plus.>

          Petek is wrong about that; my Carbonne crepe pan has the same coating as the Force Blue line. It wouldn't make sense to have an uncoated handle and have to deal with rust issues on the handle, especially considering that De Buyer recommends stovetop seasoning, which doesn't season the handle.

          1. re: DuffyH

            I've been using both my carbone plus pans(without any coating on the handles) for over a year now and there's no signs of rust whatsoever.The handles are as black as the rest of the pan,so I guess they've been seasoned some how. :)

        2. The handle coating also makes the pans easier to hold/maneuver. Heavy pans with sharp/right angle edges on handles don't feel good after a while.

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            I don't know about you,but I always use towels when I handle a hot pan that's just come out of the stove so sharp/right angle edges don't come into play for me...

          2. Thanks, everyone! I appreciate your comments and am looking forward to some wonderful fried eggs in my pan (once seasoned, of course).