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Apr 17, 2013 05:14 PM

Replacing Water with Rum in Cupcakes?

I want to try making Betty Crocker piña colada cupcakes, but I was curious if I could replace all or some of the ¼ cup of water called for in the recipe with pineapple-coconut rum (35% alcohol by volume). Since the alcohol would have a lower boiling point than the water it would be replacing, I didn’t know if it would mess up the cupcakes. (The recipe calls for yellow cake mix which normally requires 1 cup of water, but juice from a can of crushed pineapples presumably makes up the other ¾ of a cup of water in this recipe.) How much of the ¼ cup of water (if any) can I replace with the rum? Thank you!

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  1. Although I have not used a box mix, I have baked cakes/cupcakes using alternative liquids - alcohol & fruit juices - forever. I don't see any reason why substituting rum for water would be a problem. If you remain unsure aboput the success of your project, call Betty Crocker AKA General Mills, and ask them for their help. 1-800-446-1898 between (7:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. CT, weekdays)

    1. yes you can... here are two links speaking to this---

      margarita cupcakes made from cake mix with tequila, triple sec and lime juice

      WASC (White Almond Sour Cream) cake and the suggested substitutions with alcohol

      1. I try to NEVER use water when I can use something with flavor. Alcohol happens to be my first choice when subbing.

        1. As an alcohol free alternative you could try using coconut cream. However, I can't see replacing the 1/4c water for coconut rum will do any harm.

          1. Thank you for all your helpful answers! I made the cupcakes this weekend, and they turned out great!

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              Did you make any photos? That sounds so cute and tasty!