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Sushi Muraski in Santa Ana, has anyone been ? There was a nice little write up in the OC Register, I infrequently peruse this rag, but anyhow good for OC at least better than the dreadful Oshima ?

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  1. I love Murasaki for their lunch specials. Good udon close to the office. I had omakase with them a couple of times for dinner and don't anymore. They have a lunch sushi omakase at $45 if you're itching to try it.

    I'm only going to say this one final time...stick with Kasen. :)

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      Now if it's anything like Oshimi, which was pretty terrible, I'll skip it. (But then sometimes you do get what you pay for). It seems like in the past five years, there has been quite a number of sushi establishments that have opened up in OC.

      Btw, on a non-food note, has anyone been to the Ballon at the Great Park ?

      thanks again.

      I will stick to Kasen in these parts. It's been over a decade since I have last been and if I remember correctly Kasen was pretty damn traditional.

      Or better yet, I better hit up Kasen followed up by some Tsurashashi, they should be a few minutes from each other, right ?

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        According to the review in the OC Reg, the omakase starts at 45 bucks even at dinner.

      2. Panna cotta is delicious.