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Apr 17, 2013 03:44 PM

Best brand of fish balls/squid balls available in the supermarket?

I've been looking for the best fish balls and squid balls available. My favourite squid balls came from a taiwanese supermarket 'Kuo hua', but I believe their quality has gone downhill. Their squid balls used to taste like the ones I would find at the Phoenix Restaurant, which I enjoyed. Nowadays, I settle on the 'Tung Gong' (East River) brand, which I find at T&T. Can anyone recommend some good brands?

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  1. Phoenix squid balls are made in house I believe, definitely one of the best in Toronto (and possibly a contender in HK).

    I've never encountered a good pack at T&T, but another possible option would be buying them from the shops that do make their own. Perhaps Wonton Hut?

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      Agree! For squid/octopus balls, the 'made in house' version by Wonton Hut ( Hwy#7 and Warden, next to McD ) is pretty good.

    2. I don't know if you just want supermarket specific but there's a factory on Milliken at Kennedy and Finch that makes them in house and you can buy them in bulk. They have awesome fried squid balls and if you go on the weekend, they are usually still warm when you buy them.