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Apr 17, 2013 03:36 PM

Venice- anything new???

Just curious if there are any new suggestions for meals in Venice....any updated reviews???

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  1. The newest place that I want to try is over on Mazzorbo - Venissa.

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      Gambero Rosso online said in February that Paola Budel, the chef who made Venissa what it is/was, is leaving.

    2. I had a fabulous meal at Quadri, but we're talking Michelin star territory (and price). So not for the budget conscious.

      Another place that has become good is the restaurant at the hotel Wildner. It's located in a 3 star pension, but the chef, Luca Fullin (whose family owns the hotel) is really doing intersting things. Searching out great ingredients. The entire meal was excellent, as was the wine list.

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        We went to Venissa for a beautiful lunch. Well worth 250E if your intention is to sit on the terrace, enjoy the beauty and quiet of the garden. For that much $$ if your only reason is food, best to use your time in Venice proper. Out two best meals were at Alla Testiere and Corta Sconta (sp?), also loved Antica Stella in Cannaregio.