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Apr 17, 2013 02:47 PM

Anything new on SSI or maybe Brunswick?

Headed backin June for the annual trip. I know all of my old favorites, but if you can point out something new (or greatly improved) that does not break the bank, I'd appreciate it.

I hear Palmer's is good (which is great as Dresners seemed to coast for years) but I have never been and don't make it out for breakfast much as we rent a house. Will they do those prix fixe dinners?

Looking at you beetez!

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  1. Depending on when you come Tup Tim is opening in the old Pub/Chop House Space. Exc Thai that is currently in Winn Dixie parking lot by 95 in Brunswick. I cannot wait. In the old Los Arcos space at the pier Halfshell has opened, some interesting looking specials, have not been there yet. Also in Longview by Tup Tim a growler store will be opening soon.

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      We'll be down the week of 6/22.

      My brother likes Tup Tim (and so did I on my one visit). Is that closer to the Island? It takes a while to get there from SSI otherwise.

      A growler store willbe good too.

      I read about Halfshell on Yelp, will have to check it out.

      Have you been to Palmer's for their dinners?

    2. Have not made Palmers avoid the village as much as possible. Tum Tim is opening this week & growler place says early May.

      1. For what it's worth we were there a few weeks ago and ate at Frederica House, Tramici, Halyards, Barbara Jeans and Southern Soul.

        All were ok, none exceptionally good to me except for Southern Soul. I liked the food at Southern Soul a lot, it was just way too crowded for me.

        A quick list of your old favorites would be appreciated. We go over there every few years.

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        1. re: kengk

          I guess I am lucky that I can be home from ssbbq in 3 minutes & do not have to put up with the crowds. My suggestions for eating in the area are SSBBQ. if you are here during the week Nick's is a must for lunch, best fried chicken anywhere. B&J's for shrimp, you will have to drive around 30 minutes from SSI but worth the drive. Indigo is great for lunch & weekend dinners. For fine dining Delaney's is the best in the area. As mentioned above Tup Tim is great Thai in Brunswick have not tried the new one on SSI yet it just opened this week. CJ's was best pizza, recently sold & have not been since new owners took over.

          1. re: beteez

            CJ's was sold? That is my favoite old school pizza on the Island by far.

        2. Tup Tim now open in old Chop House location Thai plus a Sushi Bar, pretty much std round eye sushi & Japanese steak house fair. Drunken noodles were tasty.

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            We went to the sushi place in Redfern last year and got one of the sashimi specials. My salmon had a pin bone in it which seems to be an awefully rookie mistake.

            My brother said the growler store was pretty good. We have a few here in Bham, AL so its not too new to me but always nice after the nights cool down. I don't think there is anything close to a real beer bar on the island but it's hard to drink heavy beer when it's 95 degrees out and super humid anyway.

            Any word on Halfshell?

            Have you been to CJ's since it was sold? I hope it's the same old pizza as we eat there or pick up at least twice when we are there.

            1. re: Dax

              Did you hit any of the new places?

              1. re: beteez

                This year we ate a lot of our meals at the rental house. However:

                Saturday we stopped by Bonefish for some apps and a drink (caveat, my brother is a bartender there). Their "day boat" scallop app over the roasted somewhat creamed corn was very good, albeit maybe slightly spendy for 3 largish scallops. While a chain, I still like Bonefish and find it dependable.

                We grabbed takeout from CJ's two nights, just as good as ever but the meatball topping was a bit light on Friday.

                Monday lunch was Half Shell for some P&E GA shrimp which were very tasty and the cajun butter is a must. Also had the shrimp ceviche, tuna tacos, the special grouper tacos, the the bacon-wrapped green beans, plus the blackened mahi sandwich. I like how they use freshly fried wontons as a a chip of sorts and it even worked on the tuna "tacos." Blackened mahi was on point and maybe my favorite although the P&E shrimp were a close 2nd. Fries were ok but the onion rings were very thin which is not my thing. I really like HS, enough that we returned again later in the week for some more shrimp and raw oysters for a snack.

                We went to Tup Tim for lunch one day and I had the drunken noodles. They were fine but oversauced. My brother’s pork pad prik was better and less saucy. Sally ordered had teriyaki beef bento box which seemed just ok.

                We grabbed some different baked oysters at Catch Tuesday night along with some snapper bites which were pretty tasty too. Crab legs were fine.

                Southern Soul was good as usual on Thursday. Ribs, wings (I assume they were supposedly smoked then fried but we mostly tasted fried – still good), hoppin john, mac and cheese and collards.