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Jan 15, 2002 06:28 PM

Chinese in San Antonio??

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As an ex-New Yorker, I'm suffering by the lack of really good Chinese food in San Antonio. Anyone have suggestions?

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    Danielle Panozzo

    Not Chinese, but Japanese. It doesn't answer your question, but we're on the same continent, and I LOVE this place - Fujiya Japanese Restaurant. It's owned by some family friends and it has AMAZING food. Just a thought.

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    1. re: Danielle Panozzo

      We always frequent Ming Court ( Stone Oak @ huebner)
      or Golden Wok on Wurzbach, in fact it's very near Fuji-ya. Golden Wok even has dim sum, and it's good, just
      rather limited in selection, you have to order from
      a menu, not choose off rolling carts.

      1. re: kMcKane
        Laura Fries, Food Editor, San Antonio Current

        The dim sum on carts is available on Sunday.


    2. I have the same problem. There are passable Vietnamese, Korean and Japanese places here, but I have yet to have a good meal at a Chinese restaurant. However, Van's on Broadway Ave. has some traditional Chinese entrees on the menu that are decent.

      1. Lai Wah is fabulous and no one seems to know about it. It's on Fredricksburg Road just north of Callahagn near the medical center. In a strip mall, of course. It's owned by the warm and generous Lai Wah herself, who will take good care of you and remember what you had next time you visit. The steamed dumplings are excellent. Ms Wah prefers you order them immediately upon being seated as they take 15 min or so. The big crispy-fried fish is excellent, but requires a call-ahead so she can start it for you. The eggplant in garlic sauce is out-of-this-world, as is the hot and sour soup.

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        1. re: abby

          Yeah, part of what makes it so good is that it is made to order. Even sweet & sour pork becomes sublime when assembled properly and not simmering away waiting for the next order. You are hitting all my good food memories of San Antonio !

        2. Royal Inn on Babcock has the best Chinese food in town.

          1. Try China Inn on Northwest Military in Castle Hills. It's in a small strip mall behind a more visible Taipei Restaurant. They have a separate sheet for chinese patrons which is not offered to everyone. Try the clay pot and the combination noodles. When they started, they used to offer many seafood dishes.