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Apr 17, 2013 02:12 PM

Outside dining in Westwood/Santa Monica

I'm meeting a friend for a casual dinner tomorrow night around 8pm. In the past, we've eaten at Plan Check and loved it, but we want to change it up this time. Can anyone recommend a place in Westwood/Santa Monica area for some outside dining? Price Range should be similar to Plan Check, but food type doesn't matter. We'll also want to get beer or wine. And we don't want to have to wait a long time for a table. Parking should be fairly easy.


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  1. Zengo in Santa Monica has a very nice patio overlooking the 3rd St. Promenade.

    Gjelina in Venice has a nice patio and great food...But you will be in for a wait.

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      I like Sonoma Wine Garden's view better than
      Zengo's. Same complex.

      Hit Bunglaow for drinks then FIG for dinner, at the Sheraton Fairmount.

      Whist at the Viceroy has a killer patio/pool side dining area.

      Tinga just opened up at Renee's courtyard and is supposed to have a cool patio, haven't checked it out yet though.

    2. Il Moro in West LA has a nice patio.

      1. Depending about how upscale you want to be (I know nothing about Plan Check), Michael's in Santa Monica has a stunning garden.

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          Dinner for 2 at Plan Check about $60 with dessert drinks and tax included.

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            Cocktails with tax and tip, plus valet parking can run $60 at Michael's (if your careful in your choice of cocktail)!

        2. Across the street from Plan Check:

          Bar Hayama

          1. Made Chou Chou has changed names.....but is owned and run by the same French couple. I think it's now called Cafe Noir. They have a really charming patio in the back. They're in Santa Monica. Food was good before. Moderately priced.