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Apr 17, 2013 12:47 PM

Sunday Supper - TBF? 112? Or?

Looking for a place to have a nice but reasonably priced meal for an anniversary on Sunday evening. We don't want to blow our budget on the meal as we want to enjoy a few rounds at Marvel!!

Any recent experiences with The Bachelor Farmer's "Sunday Supper?" Since it's no reservations, how hard is it to get in? The last comment I found in searching was from December. If it's not a zoo, that would be ideal for it's proximity to Marvel. And ~$30/person seems doable.

112 is always a winner in my book, but not sure we'll get a reservation at this point.

Other ideas?

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  1. The Bachelor Farmer actually does take reservations now. There's a link on their website.

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      They take reservations, but not for Sundays. :(

    2. It's not "fine dining" but we had an anniversary dinner at JD Hoyt's a couple of years ago and they did a great job for us. We got a very comfortable table in the dining room. They also covered the bottle of wine that we ordered as a thank you. The pork chops there are easily the best in town and the steaks are solid too. And their Buddy Bowl should be on every list for best appetizer around. You can get by for your budget and still have some money left over for a drink at a "fancier" place if you want. Happy anniversary

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        I hit return a bit too quick before I could mention it, but check out Sanctuary too. I've been hearing really good things and that room would also be ideal for an anniversary dinner.

      2. Sunday supper is terrific at TBF. I last went with a group and we ordered equal amounts of the entree (I'm blanking on what it was), the chicken, and the veggie main dishes and shared. It's harder to get in than it used to be but if you go on the early or late side you should be ok. Also liked the lower alcohol cocktail menu that they have (not sure it was special on Sunday?). It's just very well done and reminds me of Thomas Keller's Ad Hoc in Napa Valley where they serve one entree family style every night.