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Apr 17, 2013 12:18 PM

Day 1 Trip Report

Day 1 of my return trip to Toronto was delicious. Highlights below. Suggestions for mind-blowing eats for Day 2 today?

1) Dan Dan Mein at Momofuku Noodle Bar. Extremely tasty and satisfying. Best thing I've had on this trip.

2) Side salad at Hey Meatball. Some might says this is nothing special, but it was the best salad I've had in a while. What a nice surprise. Good produce, a few pickled veggies, and a light, balanced dressing. Godfather slider was good to.

3) A Woman Scorned cocktail at Bar Isabel. Devil's Cut bourbon, amaro, cinnamon clove tincture, snake oil bitters, among other ingredients. Classic in conception, with modern tweaks. Stellar.

4) Sobrassada and honey crostini at Bar Isabel. House-made forcemeat and honey and toast. Brilliant.

5) My Bitter Wife Ale by Great Lakes Brewing on cask at Barvolo. Great, hoppy, bitter ale - served right.

6) Mojama , Blood Orange & Marcona Almonds at Bar Isabel. Outstanding cured tuna. One of those combinations of flavors that just seems in perfect harmony.

7) Pastel de nata at Riviera bakery. Maybe not at the level of those I've had in Portugal, but brings back very good memories.

8) Fried Chicken Cartilage with Salt & Pepper at Guu. Crunchy, addictive, snack.

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  1. A Woman Scorned is the best cocktail I've had since I don't even know when. I was blown away by it.

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    1. re: childofthestorm

      That was a pretty cool drink to boot!

      1. re: childofthestorm

        I had their Doctor's Order. Delicious. A very wise doctor.

      2. haha in the past week or two i've been at momofuku, isabel, volo and guu.

        your list is pretty much all very good choices, i wish i had the foresight to plan eating like this when i traveled. i usually end up doing fine but you've got it down to a science