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Apr 17, 2013 11:49 AM

Appetizers & Drinks near the National Press Club

Hello... Not from the area but we have an upcoming family weekend in DC. There is a larger dinner event at the Press Club on Saturday night but a smaller group of us (8 adults, 3 children) would like to gather for a quick toast and some appetizers just prior to dinner. A view and child-friendly would be great, if possible. Casual is fine but would like to be able to reserve a space ahead of time. Where would be a nice place to do this, within walking distance? Many thanks for your ideas.

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  1. The JW Marriott is right next door to the NPC, and The Hamilton is less than a block away.

    1. Not a ton of a view (although it's right by the White House) but practically across the street is The Hamilton and this would be a great option.

      Also Chef Geoff is nearby and I have found them to be very kid friendly.