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Apr 17, 2013 11:46 AM

Aberdeen eats?

Hello all,

This post pretty much makes that previous Cardiff one null and void. A bit of bad luck and a whole lot of good luck mean I will be in Aberdeen for the better part of the next few months.

Does anyone have any food tips? The same categories apply. I generally prefer "ethnic eats" (cringe term) and cheaper more homely restaurants, but I will take any sort of suggestion.

Take care,


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  1. Justin

    Having read your posts on the board, I very much doubt that Aberdeen has much for you to get too excited about. I must confess that I'm not too familiar with Aberdeen myself however the demographic make up of the city just doesn't lend itself to great "ethnic eats". I'm guessing that there will be plenty of Indian/Chinese options due to the university/offshore trade but I have no idea of the quality.

    If there are no other suggestions forthcoming, looking to see if the uni has specific societies may give you some steer/recommendations.

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    1. re: AWaiting

      There's plenty of money floating about Aberdeen - but the sort of restaurants wealth produces won't be the sort Justin will be looking for I suppose. Lots of middle-market Thai and Italian I expect.

    2. Before my partner retired, she worked in the oil industry requiring occasional visits to Aberdeen. She always spoke of absolutely fresh fish, landed just up the coast at Peterhead. *The* place in her experience (which is now a few years out of date) would be the Silver Darling on Aberdeen's North Pier. Silver darlings were the affectionate name for herring back in the days of our fishing industry's boom years but I suspect it's probably not too easy to find the fish in restaurants these days.

      1. Thank you Harters! There must be something there! I'm going to be up there five days a week so I need some serviceable options.

        1. As a general follow up to this, I found one place that is OK so far.

          Musa is a very solid little restaurant. I had a relatively unremarkable bowl of pea soup with wild garlic, but my main was very good. It was a simple oven baked cod fillet over saffron risotto. Everything was executed well. Their beer list and whiskey list are both immense too (an entire A4 for both.)

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          1. re: JFores

            Justin - ssshhhh, or they'll hear you.

            In the UK it's "whisky", not "whiskey".

            "Whiskey" is Irish or American.

          2. Just tried Yorokobi by CJ and I would also rate it quite highly. It's a "Japanese" restaurant with a Korean chef and the menu contains quite a few Korean items. I had very serviceable renditions of a seafood pancake and bibimbap. Shockly good and on par with just about anything I can get in London with the exception of New Malden places. I haven't tried the Japanese items yet, but I will probably explore the Korean side of the menu for a while.

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            1. re: JFores

              JFores -you're delving into Korean/Japanese in Aberdeen?! I was hoping you'll uncover some local/Scottish dining gem for us.

              BTW, am in London 17-24 May and hoping to do a Chowmeet, but I gather you'd still be up in Aberdeen then?

              1. re: JFores

                Cheers for the write ups Justin. It's good to know that Aberdeen does have some decent restaurants. I hope that you get time whilst up here to travel round some other areas.

                FYI I just saw that a place called Yatai Izakaya in Aberdeen is nominated in the Best Oriental Category for the Scottish restaurant awards. I can't vouch for it myself but the awards do tend to have some pretty reasonable restaurants in their nominations