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Apr 17, 2013 11:46 AM

FreshDirect packaging question

Fresh Direct started using these new deli containers and they're impossible to get in to. Not the tab and pull ones, these have half an inch deep plastic running around the outside edge, with semi perforated lines about 1/3rd an inch apart. They don't break off, they don't pull off, the lid won't come off. After trying for forever to get into my grated cheese, I gave up and took a knife to it.

I have contacted Fresh Direct several times, via email, phone and their facebook page and still no answer. Their phone CS people say they don't know and that they've been getting a lot of call about the containers, no one has responded to either my email or FB message.

Does anyone know how to get into them? This is ridiculously frustrating.

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  1. If I am thinking of the same (circular?) containers, there is tab that comes off on one side but it barely looks different from the rest of the edge. Once that comes off it is still pretty hard to open, but with some struggling the top does pop off.

    I guess they were tired of things leaking, but I agree that they are really hard to open and the fact that one piece needs to be ripped off in order for the cover to come off is not too obvious.

    1. Yes! I did figure it pull the tab and only the INNER portion of the lid lifts out where the tab comes off, not the entire lip, actually pretty easily. Believe me, it's not you and it's not obvious! My fingers were raw by the time I solved this puzzle.

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        THANK YOU. Just cut my thumb trying to get this *$#@&%^ lid open. It IS relatively simple once you know the trick, although breaking that tab is hard for my 87-year-old mother who relies on Fresh Direct for groceries.

      2. Thanks guys. Honest to god, I could not see anything resembling a tab on these. The tab tops before were a pain to figure out also, but these, Jesus Christ. I'll try this on my next order. I'm scared to buy anything now. My last two orders have been huge pains in the but because I couldn't get into my food.

        I'm pretty shocked at how horrible FreshDirect's customer service has been on this issue though.