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Apr 17, 2013 10:46 AM

Kid-Friendly, Good Food, off I-5 In Portland area

Our family is making a stop in Portland on our way to Seattle and looking for a kid-friendly restaurant, good food, that is conveniently located off I-5. Does such a restaurant(s) exsist??

Come across some great kid-friendly recommendations with good food but most seem to be a little out of the way from the freeway. But not being from the area, it's not as easy to tell from mapquest.

Any recommendations???

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  1. As you cross the WIllamette River on I-5 near downtown, stay to the right and follow signs for Central Eastside Industrial (I think exit 300), take the exit and at the end of the ramp you are at Water St. Make the right turn onto Water and on that block, on the left is Boke Bowl.

    Boke Bowl:

    At the end of the block on the left is Bunk Bar. (Call and check to see when minors are allowed, they do music at night and it is 21+, but I think kids are OK during the day and early eve.


    Bunk Bar:

    Also Water Ave. Coffee entrance is around the block on Taylor if you need a caffeine fix.

    If you go a block forward (crossing Water at the bottom of the ramp) and continue on Yamhill, you can make the 1st left onto 2nd Ave, and the next left onto Washington where you will find Olympic Provisions.


    Boke Bowl is very kid friendly, and would be my first choice. But it depends on how old your kids are and what they like to eat. All three places are delicious.

    1. Bokebowl looks Delic!! What child doesn't love Ramen noodles - great suggestions!

      Thanks JillO :-)

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        No problem! Try the fried pears...odd, but so tasty. BB is a bit more expensive than you might expect to pay at a ramen place, but everything is made in-house and all of the ingredients are top-notch - it's worth it.

        1. re: JillO

          Try the brussel sprout salad...really! I think it is the best thing there.

      2. The original Original Pancake House - south of downtown.

        1. If you need a bit more distraction for the kiddos (and big people) at the same exit is fabulous interactive science museum. They have a big place for little people to play.

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            Looks like a fantastic, fun, and educational museum - thanks for the recommendation! We are spending several days up in Seattle and have planned to visit the Pacific Science Center so I have to dilute the educational activities :-)

          2. I love brussel sprouts - but if this place can get my kids (and hubby) to feel the love too...that would be a miracle in itself!