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Apr 17, 2013 10:46 AM

Baltimore Harbor area -?

Don't need anything fancy, but I'm spending the day down there with a child and I'm wondering if there is anywhere to get a kosher sandwich and/or nutritious salads/snacks and/or Krispy Kreme/Dunkin Donuts (coming from Canada, so those are a nice treat, too :-)).

Any suggestions appreciated!

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  1. There's a Whole Foods a short, pleasant walk from any of the Inner Harbor meeting/tourist hotels where you can get hummus, yoghurt, bread, crackers, upscale cookies with good hechsherim. @ Exeter and Fleet

    1. Corned Beef Row is your best bet for solid deli sandwiches. I prefer Weiss, but Lenny's is very kid friendly.

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          Thanks for the warning. I will definitely look up any recommendations before jumping in and ordering. :-)

      1. I'm not sure how accessible it is from where you'll be, but there is one kosher restaurant in the general vicinity - Van Gough Cafe:

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          Wow! This place must be relatively new. The location is between the Hopkins Medical Center and the downtown meeting/tourist hotels, museums and office district in an area that has been gentrifying. It's also near the near the Jewish Museum of Maryland, where one of the old, historically preserved synagogues is an active Orthodox shul with a congregation of young Hopkins residents/medical researchers and T Rowe Price stock-pickers. so it makes sense. Nice looking bistro/dairy menu. This could be a real upgrade to kosher business/tourist visitors to Baltimore.

          "Under supervision of Rabbi T. Weiss" Anyone in Baltimore on this list know him? It's closed on Shabbos, so it's presumably reliable.

          A real upgrade for business/leisure travel to Baltimore. I was happy when they put im a downtown Whole Foods. I'm delighted!

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            He's a field rep for OU and Kof-K, so I would think he's reliable.


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              I think it's been there for a few years already. I've never gone, since I'm not ever in that area and they close on the early side. But it does look interesting.

              Rabbi Weiss is the rav of a shul in Baltimore, and gives supervision on a few local restaurants.

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                Kicking myself for subsisting on hummus and carrot sticks during recent stays, when I could have had three-cheese panini.

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                  don't're not really missing much