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Apr 17, 2013 10:25 AM

Athens, Santorini & Istanbul Recs needed

Taking a trip and would love some recs. We are looking for local flavors in each of the regions and we are on a budget so don't want to pay a fortune for every meal.

I will be in the Plaka area of Athens and am looking for inexpensive lunch and dinner options. Maybe something fast casual and inexpensive for lunch and a casual sit down for dinner.

Next up we will be staying in Oia village on Santorini. Love any lunch, market or dinner recs in town.

We are ending in Istanbul. We are staying in the Sulhemet and will spend most of our days and nights there. Any recs for inexpensive lunchs (kabobs would be great!), casual restaurants.

Also, we are thinking of going somewhere for dinner one night with a rooftop and or view of the Bosphorus. Thoughts?


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  1. We stayed in Santorini three years ago and were immensely pleased to discover the little family restaurant Floga, where we ended up having three dinners as well as lunch. Modern and new interpretations on Greek cuisine with locally sourced ingredients. You'll find the restaurant a few steps down the donkey staircase that leads to the little harbour of Oia. It is situated on a terrace with a perfect view of the Caldera and prices are quite reasonably for the great care and attention afforded to the food and the dining guests.

    1. Love Oia village and there are so many really good places to eat like Taverna Katina and Santorini Mou.

      The most surprising one was the gyro stand by the bus station!! No kidding one of the best gyro I have ever tasted.

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        Completely agree on the gyro stand at the bus station.

      2. A great place for lunch in Istanbul is Sultanahmet KÖFTECISI (not the one with a similar name right by it). There was a queue when we went but it moved fast. Great food, and a good price.